Love in The Open

Last night I saw this couple last night at a coffee shop.  They were an older couple.  They were so beautiful.  What made them beautiful was that they were touching each other.  Not in a overly perverse way, but in a sensual, I appreciate you and how you make me feel when I’m with you way.

He sat down first on the bench, then she sat down next to him as they listened to the speaker, wrapping her arm into his arm as his hand was in his coat pocket.  She placed her cheek on his arm as to almost lay her head on his shoulder.  I saw her slight smile glimmer as she closed her eyes to listened to the speaker as well and enjoy the bliss of being with the one who made her feel safe and warm.  As if on cue as she readjusted her seat to snuggle closer he turned his head to give her a gentle kiss on her forehead letting her know he too enjoyed her closeness. This was so beautiful to watch.  People not afraid to touch one another in a way that say I care for you, I want you, I love you.  In public and for the world to see.  There was no shame or guilt for thinking thoughts of sensual emotion.  It was only love and the actions that display the heat of one’s passion for the other in an open and yet carefully intimate way.  It was one of the most beautiful and sensual things I’ve seen in a while.  I wanted to take a picture of them and tell them how beautiful they were.  But, I also wanted them to enjoy one another and not to disturb such a precious moment.  It made my heart smile.

I think and wish more people should be open to publicly showing their love.  Freely exploring the beauty of who you are and what you mean to the partner you are with. Naturally, there is a time and a place for everything and there will be some who will take it farther than others.  Being sensual and wanting to touch and be touched is natural and human.  It is love in pure form.  We’ve been taught that it is wrong and feeling like this are un-natural.  To me nothing is further from the truth.  You know how good it feels to get a hug from someone you love.  The thing is we get scared as our mind and body awaken and we realize that we are really enjoying this feeling and push it out of our heart and mind and allow the shame and guilt to take over yet again and again.

So when I saw this couple I couldn’t get them out of my had and had to have a conversation with you about it.  I for one enjoy the touch of another.  The sensuality of embracing, kissing and touching to wherever it leads me.  I’m not afraid.  Try kissing your partner in the middle of the mall.  You’ll see what I mean.  At that moment nothing else will matter.  Whether it’s 5 seconds, or 15 seconds everything will go silent and it will be just you two and love.  And if you are doing it right it will feel spectacular and you won’t give a damn who’s looking.  Try it!  I hope you will.  Until next time, be well.

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2 thoughts on “Love in The Open

  1. Exquisite Gerald. A side of you through writing it is a pleasure to see you putting here for this community and the world at large to read.

    And just time for that beloved day of the Lovers.

    I though say any day and every day is a Day for Loving.

    Beautiful addition and thank you for writing this post.


  2. Thanks for such kind words and appreciating this. When I saw them I knew I had to write about it. I think we should share our love more often. And yes…just in time for the Day of the Lovers. Be well.

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