Holy Carp (sic)!

Dated: Febuary 21, 2012

My mind is spinning! Spinning! Spinning! Who would have thunk!

After nearly a year and a half of fits and starts, I started iTechieGuy.com on October, 13, 2011. I had this grand vision with all the new found masses of people getting the “Apple Religion”, that I could use all my knowledge of the scrolls and present it in a way that would have customers beating down the preverbial door.

 I joined and became active in some LinkedIn groups. I hoped by sharing my knowledge in the groups, it might help to build a babbling creek of business. This weekend, those activities finally paid off with a drop. I got paid for a quarter hour of work. By the way, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that a quarter hour of billable time does not come anywhere close to making ends meet.

Building SEO, Search Engine Optimization, was  considered one of the most important aspects of building iTechieGuy.com. I wanted to pop near the top of local searches so people looking for help locally, would find me and call me.

Recognizing content as king, I also joined a writers support group, Tuesday’s with Deborah. I figured there, I could get my creative juices flowing and that would help me to write better blogs. I had written a fair number of posts already, but I realized I had to keep my content fresh to help my SEO. Along the way, I made some great friends. including one, Deborah Drake, who took me under her wing as a friend, mentor, partner and writing coach.

But unlike the pied piper, my melodic music wasn’t being the attractant I had hope for. Customers were few and far between. I had a real fear, mostly unspoken, “How much further could I go on like this?” My newfound philosophy directed me onward; this was just another challenge to be over come.

Deborah, my new found friend, mentor, partner and writing coach recognized my potentials and capabilities probably more than I. Unfortunately, that’s what a life long battle of being beaten down earned me. Remembering my new philosophy, this was just another challenge to be overcome.

Deborah and I are scheduled to give a talk at the end of the month, Let’s Demystify the WordPress Dashboard. At that talk, I will be able to play my music loud and clear to an attentive audience. Perhaps, that will be the start of clients that I need to get things going.

In my inbox this weekend, it seemed innocent enough, a LinkedIn Connection request from a Sayama Waghu. I had no clue who this was. Though most of my connections on LinkedIn are past friends, she did not fit that bill. I did a little research. Why would someone from India, who works for a book publisher be trying to connect with me? I allowed my self to dream a little; maybe they are looking for a technical editor for something, or maybe an author. But ME?? So I connected and waited to hear back from them. I had done enough research to know that they are just about smack dab on the other side of the globe; 12:00AM our time, 1:30 PM their time. Email would be our only form of communication for the first little while.

I awoke this morning at 5:00 AM wondering if I had got a reply from Sayama. Ah, there it is. With a little bit of trepidation, my finger poked out at the email on my iPhone. This paragraph in particular grabbed my attention.

“We are planning to publish a new book on Apple Aperture titled, Apple Aperture Cookbook. I am looking for an *Author* to write this book. It would be great if you would be willing to take it up as this is your area of expertise. If you work for us as an author, I can be sure that the content of the book would be of highest quality.”

Holy Carp (sic)! My mind is spinning! Spinning! Spinning! Pasting that paragraph restarted the spin.

Needless to say, some quick back of the envelope math show the potential of what I hoped for from my first year of business, from that alone. Needless to say, the way my business is currently tracking, I would not be anywhere close to that. I too recognize the potential this holds for other potentials,  How does Stephen Magladry, renowned author, sound? Sounds pretty sweet to me.

This on a day I already feel great joy. Today, I work with my first customer that I attracted and earned on my own. Gotta say, that alone feels pretty good!

So, my winding journey seems to be paying off. Who would have thunk, joining and actively participating in some LinkedIn groups, trying to build some SEO, reaching out and joining a writers group, my passion for Apple products, my hobby of photography would have lead to this?

If you see me with an extra spring in my step today, you will know why!


Stephen Magladry, your iTechieGuy

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