Dog Eat Dog or Miracle on 34th Street?

This week, I ran into someone. His attitude made it hard to work with him. Working with him got me riled up. He hit one of my soft spots, fairness. I felt unfairly treated by him.

I talked to Deborah about it and she put a good frame of reference on it. I’ll call it The Miracle on 34th Street attitude. Through the good will of Santa, Macy’s generated more business.

In retrospect the first person had a dog eat dog attitude and seemed unwilling to help anyone. Is it any wonder the person made me feel uncomfortable.

You know, I can gladly say that I share a  belief closely matching  Deborah’s belief,  practice good will, and business will follow.

Question: Do you feel you more closely resemble The Miracle on 34th Street attitude, or the Dog Eat Dog attitude?

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