Let’s Demystify the WordPress Dashboard: A Workshop 2/28

(Inspired by the questions from the Tuesday Writer’s Support Group for the Reticent Blogger and offered by request)

Tags vs Categories?

Pages vs Posts?

How do I turn comments off?

I thought WordPress was supposed to be simple?

Does the WordPress Dashboard send you into overwhelm?

Are you not filling in SEO fields when you post? Want to learn how optimize SEO on your blog/website every time you post?

Need some basic training or a refresher on the WP Dashboard?

What do you wish you knew how to do quickly? We’ll tackle your questions sent in advance or left in the comments!

AND we will address the most common issues people have with the WP Dashboard that on first view can seem like an airplane control panel!

Join Deborah Drake of Authentic Writing Provokes, Self-Publishing and Writing Coach and Stephen Magladry, (http://itechieguy.com) Mac/Apple Products Specialist who loves WordPress and get a guided Tour of the WordPress Dashboard and learn best practices for simple SEO for every post and page.

Attendees can expect to…

…get a guided Tour of the WordPress Dashboard and learn best practices for simple SEO for every post and page.

…gain insights on what applies post after post

…see in real time how simple it can be to complete important fields

Top reasons you should attend…

Learn about the very best plugins every WP site needs.

Learn what other “bells and whistles” to consider and why.

Leave with a one sheet to short-cut your process in future.

The speakers will share…

SEO practices that are as basic as they are good and easy to remember.

Ideas for creating compelling headlines and meta descriptions.

Insights on how not to struggle with writing and posting and creating tags and categories

February 28, 2012
10:30am to Noon at Friends, Philosophy and Tea

$20 if pre-paid and $25 the day of (and if you attend Tuesdays, payment directly is good too and sign up before 2/28.)


Prefer a Webinar? Leave a comment with your preferred time of day!

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About Deborah Drake - Authentic Writing Provokes

Deborah Drake is on a Creative Writing Mission (be you writing for business or otherwise) : To get you to love doing your own writing and express yourself confidently and with authenticity and whole heart. Writing in this age of "the world being your oyster," what will it take for you to chase out "for good" the disbelief that you can't write as yourself and for yourself and attract GREAT readers and clients? Consider this writing coach like an assignment a la Peace Corps...she will teach you how to not only plant that garden and harvest the yield, but craft your own recipes in a cookbook you can then self-publish and market boldly with enthusiasm that lights up a room. Writing is good for the soul, good for business and therapeutic and to be able to authentically self-express who we are, what we do and what we care about in this age is PARAMOUNT. Can you?

5 thoughts on “Let’s Demystify the WordPress Dashboard: A Workshop 2/28

  1. I am very interested. Maybe I can juggle a previous commitment; if not, maybe I can attend a future session. Thanks from Liz…. Today’s Newbie…. Who tries always to be a Good Listener.

    • Liz,

      So glad to meet you today and have you in the Circle. Your contribution was significant and I’ll keep fingers crossed that you can attend if that is what you want. Thanks for the feedback on the Patch event too! Would love more people to come to Tuesdays having found it on Patch! Your future blog topic is going to greatly appreciated by readers. Welcome!

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