A tool to express your mind

There is an amazing tool on the internet that I have only seen being used to its full potential once.

It is a simple tool that anyone can master in an hour or so.

It transforms the way you can present information to people, and can deeply engage them in your concepts and ideas.

It takes no special software and runs on all platforms.

And it is called Prezi.

Essentially, Prezi is a new way to do PowerPoint presentations. But the quantum leap from PowerPoint to Prezi is similar to the leap from the abacus to Excel.

Here is an example of what Prezi can do.

The general idea is that you have a HUGE sheet of paper that you can zoom in on almost infinitely. So you can put BIG IDEAS and their relationships down on the macro level, then zoom in on one of the big ideas to see the concepts underpinning it, and then zoom further into the individual concepts to see the underlying assumptions and data that supports that concept.

As I mentioned earlier, I have only ever seen one Prezi-based presentation that made full use of the awesome that is Prezi.

But what if the US tax code was put into a Prezi? You could zoom out to see the macro concepts, and then zoom into each concept and see all the underlying debates and data.

Someday I will have an AMAZING Prezi. (In fact, I am debating whether my book project would actually work better as a Prezi than as a book!)

What amazing thing are YOU going to do with it?

(I am not affiliated with Prezi in any way, shape, or form. I just love beautiful tools.)

6 thoughts on “A tool to express your mind

    • That is a great example! The best part is that the way the Prezi works, it subtly reinforces the connections between things. It is that subtlety that is its strongest asset, I think.

      My only suggestion is that “point #4” in your presentation should have been another panned-to location. That is, show the doctor sitting there with the text next to him, and then the Prezi should pan to the image of the pills and the final text for the fourth point. It would be more consistent with the rest of the presentation, and reduce the tendency of the viewer to read the text before you get to the fourth point.

    • I like the look of this one, but I think the other one is a better “Prezi” than this one.

      Part of the point is to hide information that isn’t currently relevant, so the viewer doesn’t get distracted and stop listening to you. This one doesn’t make as good use of that feature and the other one.

      However, I really like the look and colors of your presentations. Very clean and nice!

      • Again I agree. And since this is a prezi for video, I could easily mask away the irrelevant info at the beginning.

        One thing that I would like to see in prezi is the ability to fade assets in and out. I understand the concept of movement and hiding, but I also don’t want make people carsick…and I’ve found that sometimes I want to keep an element on the screen while just fading in details, either text or image, around that element.

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