Sherlock in the Snow

Sherlock loves┬áthe snow. He would stay out for hours if we let him. Here is a short video of him playing “catch”.

He stayed outside while I shoveled our steep driveway and frolicked in the shoulder deep snow for nearly a half hour, almost completely self-entertaining himself. When he headed in, he left behind a Family Circle like track. His should have been 30 foot walk from the car, could be followed in the white snow, almost from start to end.

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Stephen Magladry is a unique being in more ways than one. Two of these pieces fit together well for his client. The first is his technical competency. The second is he is able to take difficult technical information and make it approachable to common folk, whether that be with your Mac or other technical information. I see my job as imparting you with enough information and knowledge so that his clients can become more self-sufficient and the next time solve there problems with little or no assistance.

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