Quick Start Video for Blogging on Tuesdays With Deborah

For a detailed explanation and SEO details, please see Stephen’s post here


This is pretty quick and dirty.  Matching quick and dirty text:

1. Google Tuesday’s With Deborah
2. Click it
3. Go to “Register” on the right, and click it
4. Enter what you would like to have for a username, and your email address
5. Click “Register”
6. Go check your email
7. Copy the password in your email, and click the link in your email
8. You’re In!  Change your password if you want, by clicking on your username in the very tiny print in the upper right corner
9. Start blogging by clicking “Posts,” “Add New,” type type type your stuff, fill out whatever SEO you desire, click on the blue “Submit for Review” or “Publish” button on the right side of the screen.

Done.  Like I said, for a detailed explanation that will help you with SEO, view Stephen’s post via the link above.

Practically every site and/or blogging platform that I have seen allows easy posting of video.  This WordPress site does not, at least for me.

Love and Kisses,

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9 thoughts on “Quick Start Video for Blogging on Tuesdays With Deborah

  1. Funny I’ve never had trouble embedding video in WordPress. I write my post then change from visual to html by clicking the tab at the top. Then taking the embed code from YouTube I paste it into the body of the post.

    Voila, video!

    • I agree that should work. I’ve tried it a couple of times, in both html and visual. My embed code ends up deleted on html, and visible as code on visual.

      I’ve also pasted a link and then “broken the link,” and attempted to use the WordPress 10mb limit video upload.

      In November I screwed around with it for far longer than anyone should have to and didn’t find a working solution. I’ve screwed around with it less this time.

      Why poke it off and on for 2 days when it simply “works” on my Blogger blog, on my website, on client’s websites?

    • Thanks! I’ll go update things now.

      And part II, why?????????????? This dovetails back into the long rant I could have about doing things within this wordpress environment, and the conversation about updating widgets at Tuesday’s group. Why would any user put up with this?

      • Why????????????????

        Because some people still have a command line mentality some 20 years after GUI started to be recognized as the new standard.

        WordPress is still a little bit like the wild west. In some parts, there is lawlessness. If people get away with it, the lawlessness will continue.

        The add a “v” is due to the Youtube plug-in we use. It is weird and arcane, but if a user knows about it, the video can be inserted from the visual editor, making it easier than having to go and edit html code. That is massively scary to most people.

  2. Thanks for the condensed version. One point this missed in your version is how easy it is to take care the SEO. Filling out ALL appropriate SEO fields , is about a five minute exercise. There is little reason NOT to do it.

    If you understand the basics here from Scott’s post, take a look at Step 2 and Step 3 from my post, http://www.authenticwritingprovokes.com/inspiredwriting/2012/01/gettingstarted. In those steps, I talk about how SEO can help build a web presence. There is also a good description of what all the poorly named fields actually do.

    • Yep, this is just to get started. Please please please read the SEO stuff once you’re comfortable and ready (I need to myself, one of these days). One great thing about the SEO is that when you’re ready, you can go back and “Edit” your posts to update your SEO info.

      What I do fill in for SEO has been very rewarding for me in my google search rankings, and even brought in a prospecting call…and that was just from the November challenge.

      Thank you Stephen!

  3. Doing the SEO at posting is a time saver. Filling in the SEO fields, really don’t take more than five minutes, if the post is fresh. Doing SEO later, people often forget what the post is really about, have to re-read the post just to do the SEO fields.

    I am sure you have/will read my post. There is a part about why the fields are named so poorly. It would be great if there was a little help bubble per field so there could be a plain english description and why one may want to use them.

    • Oh, I completely agree, huge time saver – – once people are ready. We’re talking about folks getting started and being afraid of things. It’s a very intimidating interface that most people have to ease into.

      I look at all the fields presented and my head says “too many ‘things’,” just because it’s visually overwhelming.

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