What Now Baby Boomers?

Being a part of such a huge demographic known as Baby Boomers, I’ve always felt that whatever I needed would appear. After all, this generation has carried so much consumer weight, that we demanded we were given.

There were too many of us not to be taken very seriously. Our parents felt differently. They lived through the Depression and World War II which deeply affected how they viewed the world and themselves. They were happy and grateful for whatever they got. Our world was one of abundance. Our parents wanted us to have more than they had and worked hard to see that we got it.

Now we’re reaching, or already have, another milestone. It’s name? Retirement. For Baby Boomers, this word has a whole different definition than any other generation ever has. We look and act younger than our parents did at the same age. We’re healthier and in many cases starting new careers

As an interior designer and Interior Environment Coach, I concentrate on how our home affects the way we live. New words have entered our vocabulary: empty nest, adult children still at home, widowhood, three generations under one roof, combining families, downsizing, aging-in-place. There are other situations that can occur at this time in our lives that directly affect how well we live in our home.

We want to continue to live a vibrant, exciting life. We want our home to support us and give us what we now need at this time in our lives.

At the end of the day, we have to ask if our home still “fits” us.

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