A Year in Review…A Year to Imagine

Tis that time of year when the savviest of marketeers seem to already be offering us things to register for to jumpstart our new year. Am I the only one that isn’t yet interested in hopscotching over the present space and time, to plan for 2012?

Can’t I relish “Now” a little longer? Maybe I am not interested in what is now called “Hallowthankmas?” I remember a time that Christmas decorations didn’t get put in place till the day after Thanksgiving and Halloween didn’t share shelf space with Thanksgving and Christmas at the same time!!! My daughter may never know this experience (alas).

So answer me this and complete the thought in your own words:

2011 has been a year of  … and I look forward to a 2012 filled with …

Contemplating the themes work/life balance, goals set and attained (or not) and what fresh possibilities arise from the ups and downs and what you have learned this past year, what is your best advice for each other and our other readers large?

Can we simply take a moment to candidly recall and celebrate our highlights?

What is a memorable client experience we’d love to manifest more of?

What did you determine to leave behind December 31st or sooner?

What does the first quarter of 2012 hold in store for you (if you get what you want cuz we say so)?

“Speaking” for myself I can say that I have written more this year than I have for the past three years, the blog post competes for my time where once a private journal got all of me, and I may even be a faster typist than I remember being! I began work on a memoir of  “my adopted life” that has been acting like a petulant child–unwilling to participate and play nice and often.  I’ve had plenty of deep conversations in my head of the fondest and most pivotal moments of my own life BUT those notes are not yet all in one place. They live in notebooks and seem to want to stay hidden there.

Sometimes, books write themselves quickly. They insist on it. And other times there is so much resistance, it really would be easier to give up the ghost and let the memories surface in dreams and in private journals and let them be forever there. Perhaps the challenging themes are being challenging for good reason? Just because I say or think I want to write about them, doesn’t mean it is the right time to do so. (And, yes I know I am a champion of being @ Choice.)

How might it work and feel if we gave up pushing on through all the time? What if we asked instead for ease with an alternate theme? What if we tried writing on purpose but about what we were present to, passionate about and how it related to what we bring to the world of work? I’m honestly not making excuses here: these thoughts are a reflection of my own inner dialogue at times. I “know” I will write the memoir when the memoir wants to be written.

Meanwhile my ramblings and writings on creativity, authenticity, community, cultivating awareness, confident self-expression, leveraging self-publshing (because we can with ease) and more transparency in our business have no issues with springing forth without hesitation. If I was to state a resolution for the year to come, I’ll keep it simple.

Write. Love. Be.

Deborah Drake – Lover of Well-Spoken Words.

Authentic Writing Provokes

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About Deborah Drake - Authentic Writing Provokes

Deborah Drake is on a Creative Writing Mission (be you writing for business or otherwise) : To get you to love doing your own writing and express yourself confidently and with authenticity and whole heart. Writing in this age of "the world being your oyster," what will it take for you to chase out "for good" the disbelief that you can't write as yourself and for yourself and attract GREAT readers and clients? Consider this writing coach like an assignment a la Peace Corps...she will teach you how to not only plant that garden and harvest the yield, but craft your own recipes in a cookbook you can then self-publish and market boldly with enthusiasm that lights up a room. Writing is good for the soul, good for business and therapeutic and to be able to authentically self-express who we are, what we do and what we care about in this age is PARAMOUNT. Can you?

3 thoughts on “A Year in Review…A Year to Imagine

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  2. I am there with you! I have selectively, pushed the pause button on the barrage of incessant influx of information that says I’m not doing enough. The truth is…I am. Why must we compare ourselves with others and what they have and how they got it and why you now need it. I am actually enjoying looking back over 2011 with a smile and sometimes shaking my head at the path I’ve traveled. It’s been a magical year. I am also eager for what is to come in 2012. Who knows what the future may bring?

    Great post Deb, great post!


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