What has this Writing Challenge done for you (so far)?

How does writing every day (or intending to), affect your sense of your creative self, your communication skills, your sense of motivation?

Leona Rehm’s post on December 7th caused a warm electric shiver in me from head to toe! It captured the foundational themes, issues and beliefs that so many reticent writers have. It is also why this Group exists: as a face to face meeting for those who can, as the Community Blog space to share and overcome these themes, as a proactive solution for the individual (who may also be a business owner) who wants to enjoy and embrace and excel at writing for themselves confidently!

My mentors include both well-known and not so well known people. Long before I knew of  Julia Cameron or Natalie Goldberg or Brenda Euland and many others I have discovered as an adult, my Writing Self was caused by a contemplative little girl that “had to write to work out concerns” who lived in me.

Then came my 9th grade English Teacher, John Calvin Dotson. He took an interest in me that has never waned. He is a masterful writer of many forms: essays, poems, plays, memoir, biographies of his mentors and more. He is a life time student of langauge itself and storytelling and painting pictures. Best of all he believed in me 100% and told me so, often. Through the years I had him for English, Creative Writing and Speech. After high school he and I stayed in touch and he continued to encourage me.

Who has supported, inspired and encouraged you? (…besides me…that is part of this community?)

The Contributors/Authors of this blog are exquisite in my eyes for a multitude of reasons. I watched and read as “fear and hesitation” left and “creativity and the spirit of spontaneity” entered. I watched writers emerge from cocoons. I heard that writing daily improved moods and Google rankings! I experienced people developing their tone and style and sharing not only who they are and what they did for a livelihood but who they authentically are.

The experiment was about developing the stamina and drive and genuine enthusiasm to write frequently as whole selves: 100 plus words at least five times weekly.

In November 240 posts were published.
WELL over 100,000 words collectively!
And the themes numbered 33 +.
And there was “dialogue” through comments as well as post ideas created from what was published.

Creativity sparked creativity. Activity sparked activity. Dialogue sparked deeper dialogue.

The community of writers as a whole stretched and grew and took some risks for they felt encouraged and supported.

What exactly are you able to say is different for you now?

December before us we talked about what now and what next. Round Two is about continuing to stretch and grow and set personal goals, incorporate writing for our businesses even more, commenting even more and exploring further this thing called writing that can take on a life of its own. I invite you to PAUSE and take inventory before you dismiss November and look ahead into December and ask yourself the following:

WHAT specifically happened for you?
WHAT specifically  made the difference?
WHAT is your new story about how enjoyable or useful blogging can be?
WHAT lessons have you learned from others?

I look forward to reading each and every comment left here or emailed directly! I would though encourage you to share, in writing, your responses, HERE. Why?

It will inspire others who find this space and place of a blog!

Write On!

Deborah Drake – Catalyst and Enthusiastic Facilitator
Authentic Writing Provokes 

P.S. Care to join us as we write in community, challenging ourselves? Join us. To RSVP visit Biznik.com or contact me directly if you are not yet a member of Biznik (an awesome community to be a part of) at deb@deborahdrake.com or call me at 425-223-5335.

Cultivating your self-expression in authentic ways is my dharma. I never tire of catalyzing that part of you!



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About Deborah Drake - Authentic Writing Provokes

Deborah Drake is on a Creative Writing Mission (be you writing for business or otherwise) : To get you to love doing your own writing and express yourself confidently and with authenticity and whole heart. Writing in this age of "the world being your oyster," what will it take for you to chase out "for good" the disbelief that you can't write as yourself and for yourself and attract GREAT readers and clients? Consider this writing coach like an assignment a la Peace Corps...she will teach you how to not only plant that garden and harvest the yield, but craft your own recipes in a cookbook you can then self-publish and market boldly with enthusiasm that lights up a room. Writing is good for the soul, good for business and therapeutic and to be able to authentically self-express who we are, what we do and what we care about in this age is PARAMOUNT. Can you?

13 thoughts on “What has this Writing Challenge done for you (so far)?

  1. WHAT happened for you? It was my hope to evolve my writing to the next level and in November I did.
    WHAT made the difference?
    What made a difference is stepping completely out of my comfort zone of topics and expanding my horizons offering more of myself than every before.
    WHAT is the story of your RECAP?
    I guess my recap would be going back to the past and sharing parts of my child hood memories with others in writing.
    WHAT lessons were learned by you because of others?
    I don’t think I learned any lessons. I think I learned a lot about others through their writing and was able to connect with every single person in some unusual and unique ways through reading their blogs and writing my blogs to share a little bit of myself to others who also connected to me through reading my blog.

    Tuesday’s with Deborah is one meeting I don’t like missing and one that continues to be of great support and offers continued growth in my ability to express my ideas.

  2. Darylene,

    There are so many facets to us all and some part of them belongs in how we talk about ourselves as business people and leaders and your writing in November and beyond shared aspects of you that make you an even better referral than ever!

    I’m pleased for you that the support and the facilitation make a difference and encourage you to stretch yourself a little more all the time!

    What we have to say can help others, if we write it and share it. Like playing the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket…(unless of course, someone gives theirs….suppose that could be like being interviewed!!! LOL)

    I ALWAYS enjoy reading your posts!

  3. I will answer the first two questions.

    WHAT happened for you?
    I blogged more. It made blogging more easy when I gave myself a minimum of 100 words. Since before the challenge my minimum was more around 1000 words.

    WHAT made the difference?
    It made it more fun. Just post a little something that is on my mind and then move on. Plus I gave myself permission to not have my blog grammar checked and just post it as it is.

  4. I am always writing something, always have. They just lived on scraps of paper, in business documents or business blogs that belong to someone else in the end, in my private pages or in my head. Now, thanks to the November challenge with Tuesday’s With Deborah – a few have come alive, are truly mine and are in a new medium for others to connect with.

    The most challenging issue I faced was not the writing or finding topics – it was deciding to take a stand to write personal stories and business related stories. There were a lot of opinions, best practices and some pretty adamant advice I was given about just sticking to business writing. Maybe it is the Libra in me, but that felt unnatural. Once I made that decision it came fairly easily. Knowing I can write whatever comes into my mind and my heart works best for me.

    They say a door closes and a window opens. For me a window was closing and a door opened and in walked possibility. The sense of possibility along with the honesty, courage and willingness to stretch and grow of this group are daily lessons that feed me. I am most inspired when I am surrounded by brilliance of others.

    Thanks to Deborah and the whole group for being brilliant lights for me, I look forward to what is possible for each of us.

    • Dear Joni,

      You write: “a few have come alive, are truly mine and are in a new medium for others to connect with.” I beg to differ. MOST of the posts you wrote fit this description.

      Why must we be our strongest critic? Not that we should “love” everything we do, write, create, BUT some people are VERY, VERY particular of what is good that comes from them. Not everything I post is golden, yet everything is always my best effort in that moment.

      I’d love to see people acknowledge themselves a little bit more and accept the compliments of others who are responding authentically!

      The journey continues…weekly!

      • I am amused at your take and to the fact you chose to see it as a negative. What I meant and was thinking when I wrote a few – was merely the number not that there are more to come, not that I am unhappy at all with anything I have written or posted.

        • Dear Joni,

          I SO appreciate all your contributions to our writing journeys together as a group. You are a strong writer…and a fine and poetic storyteller.

          And, I didn’t intend for my comment to seem to be negative…honest, it was the farthest thing from my thoughts. I think it is I who misinterpreted something…for I have enjoyed fully ALL your posts…

          Ah language, were we having this conversation in person, I wonder if I would have gotten even the slightest confused? I’d like to believe, no, or we would have cleared any confusion on my part instantly. (Smile)

          Words…how I love them and how they perplex me sometimes.:)


  5. WHAT happened for you? To date views of my own blog have increased by 200. (I have only pinged select postings out to my own “work” blog.) I appear multiple times on the first page of google on a variety of searches in which I have sough to appear. I believe it was entirely because of this google surge that I was invited to submit a portfolio to create content for a major WA based company’s meeting…whether I get the gig or not is irrelevant, the point is that one new business contact found me solely because of my online presence. These “real” results from regular posting help me open my life/schedule to the concept of blogging on a regular basis.

    WHAT made the difference? Being accountable to a group. Wanting to appear at the “top” of that groups listing of authors :)

    WHAT is the story of your RECAP? I have no idea what this means.

    WHAT lessons were learned by you because of others? This is passive voice, Deb. Please rephrase to active voice so that I can continue to have no answer to this question.

    Because of the amount of new content we are constantly posting to Tuesdays With Deborah, search engines are noticing and helping to drive traffic. You/We are creating your/our own micro-biznik of authenticity. How long before we’re invited to do product reviews?

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