William’s Marathon Bloggieroo Wreck

Been writing too much. Obsessed. Out of balance. A glass of whiskey warm from the bottle ‘ll be nice. Except I hardly drink anymore. Won’t let anything slow me down. Not even running out of money. Cuz I can run on empty. Prolonged meditation can do that. Cracks open reality. Mighty fun, though. Especially ten articles and 23,135 words later.

Feeling like an ol’, rangy hound dog, I’ve been salvaging and scavenging around in the junkyard of my old bloggy blogs from Blogmas Past. Consolidation in locomotion. Instead of migrating, however, I’m keeping the old blogs open. But revising, rewriting, expanding, and re-publishing. Reposting the revampers to my new WordPress bloggiewoggie.

I’ve published them to my primary WP site at http://williamdudleybass.com/MyBlog/.

Come on in and check ‘em out. Here are three:

“The Grinch is Gone!” Checking out the Christmas extravaganza with the kids and making an unpleasant discovery. Find out for sure @ http://williamdudleybass.com/MyBlog/the-grinch-is-gone/.

“How did Republicans become Communists?” I can’t believe what those daggone Red Staters have done! That scoundrel Sen. Joe McCarthy must be rolling over in his grave (well, maybe he turned a little bit and got stuck as the ground’s frozen solid back yonder in Wisconsin). Squirm and chuckle @ http://williamdudleybass.com/MyBlog/“how-did-republicans-become-communists”/.

“Remember the Pygmy Holocaust.” This ongoing nightmare in Congo continues to be underreported in the mainstream mass media. In the violent anarchy of the overlapping conflicts known collectively as the Great African World War, Pygmies are enslaved, treated like pet dogs, and are hunted, cooked, and eaten by cannibal rebels and government soldiers alike. Some discretion advised as this is not to be read to little children on the night before Christmas. Enter @ http://williamdudleybass.com/MyBlog/remember-the-pygmy-holocaust/.

Another zany thing I’m experimenting with is I created a “Table of Contents” page for my Blog. With almost 60 posts there since late October I need a faster way to organize my material so I can find it, too. Not sure if I’ll keep like this, though, as there’s still a lot of scrolling, but it’s good at a glance.

To see my “Table of Contents” page and how I organized it go to http://williamdudleybass.com/MyBlog/table-of-contents/. What are your ideas here?

Thank you all, and enjoy.


William Dudley Bass

Seattle, WA

December 18, 2011

© Copyright 2011 by William Dudley Bass.


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