Tuesday’s with Deborah

Short but sweet.

Today in my day
a Tuesday’s with Deborah
Writing brings me JOY

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About Stephen Magladry

Stephen Magladry is a unique being in more ways than one. Two of these pieces fit together well for his client. The first is his technical competency. The second is he is able to take difficult technical information and make it approachable to common folk, whether that be with your Mac or other technical information. I see my job as imparting you with enough information and knowledge so that his clients can become more self-sufficient and the next time solve there problems with little or no assistance.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s with Deborah

  1. Haiku! I love Haiku. Let the haiku conversation begin!

    To say a little
    In a whisper of chosen
    words is far more work.

    Who can tell me what
    in brevity with color
    and details refined?

    In less there is more
    In selective it is clear
    And it takes us time

    I slow down to connect with
    The essential which is key.

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