I have to make a comment in regards to the current protestors in Olympia at the Capitol Building supporting the tax increase because they don’t want to give up their health care insurance and money for school programs.

#1 Gregoire and her cabinet continue to lie to the public in regards to the revenue tax increase.  It seems that there are plenty of gripes from our state leaders that the tax revenues are down and we have to make cuts to education, yet it has been said they have more money than they expected?   I do believe that sales tax revenues are down since I am a business owner and gee, I am not taking on as much business as I use, hence, I am not collecting as much sales tax, duh!  I have to say my other bills (ie electric, gas, phone, etc) continue to rise, so do the taxes we pay on those bills, right?

I have heard this same argument for as long as I have been a registered voter, a long time and I have never heard that we had all this extra money to put into the schools.  I have always heard if we don’t raise taxes, education will suffer and the public buys into this crap. Raising taxes isn’t the answer, if it were, it would have been solved years ago. 

The truth is that our government at all levels spends more than they collect and they are the worst when it comes to managing the public’s tax money they collect.   They spend millions on introducing hundreds of new bills that serves nobody that I know.  I don’t think a bill ever gets removed.

I wish I could go to my customers and say gee, I have to charge you more and provide you less because I was such a poor manager of your money that I can only paint three sides of your house for the same price since I spent the rest of your money on my salary so I could spend more of your money on things I want.

What happened to every tax increase over the past couple of decades that were suppose to go to Education?   Thank goodness for citizens who recognize the importance of educating our youth. Because of them, voters approved 39.7 percent of property taxes through school levies and bonds. Other voter approved increases include levy lid lifts for fire districts and other junior taxing districts, and funding for emergency medical services.  This was up 1.1 percent from 38.6 percent of property taxes due in 2010.

Let’s take a look at where the revenues from property taxes goes :
• K-12 schools receive 54.9 percent of property taxes – $5.0 billion – through the state school levy and voter-approved local levies and bonds.

• Counties receive 16.2 percent or $1.5 billion of the total.
• Cities get 13.2 percent or $1.2 billion.

What has this special session cost us tax payers?  The results are suppose to be for budget cuts that should have been cut years ago when Gregoire promised in her 2004 campaign.  “Gregoire highlighted parts of her sweeping promises, saying she is the only candidate with comprehensive plans for health care, business growth and education. “I have a goal, I have a vision, and I have a track record of getting things done,” she said. Seattle PI

On education, she wasn’t able to offer any specific plan for ensuring funding to reduce school class sizes, although she supported spending increases already approved by voters. “Gregoire said she would vote against a measure on November’s ballot to boost the state sales tax to fund educational improvements and Gregoire’s comment in her 2004 campaign was that the sales tax puts its heaviest burden on the poor.  Seattle PI.

I might just get my sign and head down to Olympia myself since Gregorie’s promise in 2008 was again not to increase taxes, promised to reduce the state budget and increase jobs.   She lied to the public again to get re-elected.  The only saving grace in all of this is that Gregoire says she isn’t planning to run for a third term, (I hope it’s true) yet this could be just another lie.


  1. “Our heritage and ideals, our code and standards — the things we live by and teach our children — are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings.” — Walt Disney

    Personally, I totally agree with you Darylene. Washington state is not small business owner friendly – it’s become more unfriendly as the years go by. Thank you for sharing so succinctly what matters to all of us regardless of our political affiliations.

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