Call Down the God of War and Burst Open the Consensual Reality

Call down the God of War? Dare to crack open reality in the search for God? What happens next?

I’ve crafted and posted two articles to my blog challenging commonly accepted notions of reality and may happen. Sometimes people go mad. Sometimes they become One with the Divine. Sometimes both. And sometimes they end up as next year’s Santa. The Holy Daze ain’t over yet.

So dive on in below:

Calling Down Mars, God of War: Questioning the Nature of Reality

Once upon a time on a hot, late summer night we gathered in a cutover cornfield and called down Mars, the God of War. I remember clearly seeing the Red God as he made his appearance. What disturbs me most, however, is not that we accomplished such a feat, but I can’t recall what we did it for and why. My ego has great pride in my memory of events, especially as I have an almost-photographic memory. I say almost, as I seem unable to remember numbers, mathematical formulas, musical notes, the names of people as I’m more of a face guy, and the titles of songs, poems, and books, especially who wrote what when. What I do know is one night in a Virginia cornfield in the vicinity of old Civil War battlefields the God of War came down in a blaze of sparkling, red haze.

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Cracking Open Reality

“Enlightened people become non-functional,” said Tina Rasmussen to our group as her husband Stephen Snyder nodded in agreement toward the end of a Buddhist Meditation Retreat . “They inhabit the crack in consensual reality.”

Let’s go burst open these cracks! Together we can bust open reality! What happens to how we perceive and experience reality when our mutual consensus for it breaks down and dissolves?

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William Dudley Bass

December 28, 2011

Seattle, Washington


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