Bite Size Strategy: To Stay On Track Working Your Marketing Plan

It is so easy these days to get distracted and as a friend of mine often says, chase bright shiny objects.  And we all can be heard trying to justify our wandering.  Just last week I heard someone say, “If I hadn’t been searching online I wouldn’t have found this seminar and even though it is a lot like the one I went to last week, it was free!”  Okay.  Nuff said.

Here is the hard part.  Once you break your marketing plan tactics into chunks, pieces and bits and are honest with yourself about your horizon – your comfort zone for future thinking, you need to stay on track, but how?

I like to use this simple technique when working with people.  You already know when you are heading down a spiraling vortex and into the abyss of the internet or when you have had too many cups of coffee over unproductive networking.  The first part is to acknowledge it.  Next, once you realize it, just ask yourself this simple question:

– Is this the highest and best use of my time?

And listen to your response.  Do you start making excuses to yourself or the barista who now knows you by name, drink, birthday and what you wore yesterday?  Does your heart jump into your throat?

If you have Friended Your Marketing Plan, it should be close by.  Calmly pick it up and look for a bit, or a piece or a chunk that you can work on instead.  Your business will thank you.  Your employees will thank you.  Your accountant will thank you.  The barista will say, thank god I needed a break from this person!

Next up.  The dreaded calendar and blocking time for good not evil.

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One thought on “Bite Size Strategy: To Stay On Track Working Your Marketing Plan

  1. I often feel guilt when I realize that my exploration of the cavity of the internet is not a good use of my time. Thanks for the advice to just acknowledge it as a time waster and move on to something more productive.

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