Authentic Writing Provokes…

Indeed it does!

I arrived to the group as the November writing Challenge finished, so I did not take part in that. In the month of writing since , I have discovered the power it has for me. In the words of Mr. Mouse from “Twas the Night before Christmas”, “As we say when approaching a tall piece of cheddar, we better start from the top.”

I had this grand design for my first post about a perfect experience of cross country skiing. The weather in my mind turned frigid and words froze in place and could not make their way to my finger tips. I faced the same scary nemesis that to many people face to often, writer’s block.

My first entry changed from a joyous time about cross country to an now important entry on writer’s block and how I planned to overcome it.  As I wrote, the once frigid winter in my writer’s mind turned to a glorious spring. The words first started as a tiny trickle, but soon started to rush like a full raging river. My juices started flowing again.

That would be a victory in and of itself, but as sure as summer follows spring, I noticed a change in my life, also. Somehow, clearing the writers block, cleared live obstacles that stood in the way of life’s progress. That one little post on over coming my writer’s block, had brought me to a level of productivity that had been unseen for a few months.

Another time in my first month, I faced one of those scary life struggles, perhaps you know the kind; it brought all life progress to a near screeching halt. The blackness of the discovery made it hard to see any way out. It felt like I would be stuck forever.

I remembered my experience of earlier in the month, how writing became a tool to not only free my words, but to free my life. I had to try it again.

Write, Stephen, Write. About anything. Get the juices flowing again. Start making those black pixels form patterns on the white screen that people recognize as words. And, though my mine kicked and screamed, wanting to stay in its dark place, I finally started writing again. This winter felt deeper than the first so it took a little effort and time to get the solid juices moving once again, but it happened. The screen began to fill up with words, a trickle, and words became sentences, a steady flow.

And as sure as summer follows spring, the burden that life had become began to lose its weight. I felt light in step and the once frozen stream began to rush again, like a raging river. With that, the life obstacles that once seemed like huge, immovable blocks of ice, were now the size of ice cubes, just the right size for a tall cold drink. With that, the life obstacle had been cleared away and productivity returned.

What a great discovery! What a wonderful tool! I had long recognized the importance of creativity in my life, as a way to preserve my fragile sanity, but writing offered so much more. Not only had writing promoted sanity, but it became a destroyer of life’s obstacles. Writing cleared my mind to bring me new levels of clarity and productivity.

Authentic Writing Provokes…Indeed it does!…In wonderful ways!

One thought on “Authentic Writing Provokes…

  1. Steven,

    What a testament you offer with such delicious enthusiasm. And as you get clearer on what you want to write of where your business is concerned, I am captive audience.

    It remains about overcoming Writer’s Block as often as we need to, doesn’t it?

    Happy New Year….May 2012 be the year you can claim you friended writing and it supported you!

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