Project vs Goals

I love reading and I love learning. Reading new books allow new perspectives.  While reading, Supercoach: 10 Secrets to Transform Anyone’s Life, I had one of those experiences.

The book talked about using the word project instead of the word goal. There is a lot of power in words. Think to yourself of a goal that you want to accomplish. Notice how the goal is in the future and has a failure date. Turn that goal into a project and notice how those feeling shifts. Project is something that you are working on now. Just switching the word from goal to project takes what you are working on from the future and puts it in the present.

You will also notice that it takes away the failure date. You might have dates you would like to complete the project, however a project can go on if you do not make a date. You would have to create a new goal if you do not make it. Using the word project breaks the contract of disappointment.

I am looking forward to playing around with this idea more in 2012! I am excited for next year as I am excited for today! It is all part of my projects.

What are some goals that you are going to change into projects?

Brett Dupree
Your Spiritual Life Coach

4 thoughts on “Project vs Goals

  1. I knew Intrinsically there is something about “goals” that I abhor. Until I read this what bothered me remained a secret. Failure was the obvious, but there was more…You’ve uncovered it! I’m turning all my goals into projects – I can work on them at my pace and know that if the date of choice passes I can continue without shame or remorse for having failed. What a relief! When I get done with my time for comments and my martial arts practice I’m taking time to reframe my goals into projects! I’m also going to find a copy of the book!

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