Are We There Yet?

November, gratefully closing the Blogorama
Minds filled with awe
As words fill pages
Reticent writers coming forth
In courageous efforts
Overcome fear, doubt, procrastination and overwhelm
Discover anew
Nothing like learning how to
Share thoughts, show up, and speak up.
This “Thanks” is to Deborah for Making the Challenge
Encouraging the efforts
Acknowledging the strides
“Thanks” to those who read my blogs
“Thanks” to those who commented
“Thanks” to those who participated by writing
In whatever way they could.
Nothing like November and all its Thanksgivings
To give way to December and all its Bounty.
Now on to December 6th and the Blogorama Party!

One thought on “Are We There Yet?

  1. Leona,

    THIS is lovely!

    Thank you for playing.
    Thank you for writing A LOT and freely with passion and enthusiasm.
    Thank you for stretching yourself creatively and more.
    Thank you for reading others posts.
    Thank you for commenting thoughtfully.

    Thank you for acknowledging yourself and others.

    Now…EVERYONE. Come December 6th PREPARED.
    Choose your favorite 400-500 words to read and share.
    Recording will happen.
    Celebration will happen.
    Acknowledgment will happen.

    Great flying monkeys and piggies! Surprises await you.

    Want to see what I am talking about?

    See you December 6th at 1pm. Early birds get the worms…

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