What does “TV” mean to You?

I’d like to start this one with a poll.  Leave your answers in the Comments, and please include your age.

    How much “TV” do you watch:  On your Television?  On your computer?  On a mobile device?

    What do you watch the most:  Movies?  Sports?  Traditional network shows (ABC NBC etc)?       Subscription shows (HBO)?  Kid’s shows?  Educational programming?  No pattern, whatever interests you?

The vast majority of my own viewing is on my computer.  It’s either movies or kid’s shows, with subscription shows mixed in, as long as I can watch them for free online (Wilfred anyone?  Always Sunny.  Community.)  Watching scheduled shows on network or cable TV is of absolutely no importance to me.

My actual Television Set is powered “on” when my child watches a DVD.  OH!, and I had it on for a half hour in August when I was drained and found a cute little anthology about Westerns on some channel….public television piggybacking on the Cowboys and Aliens movie.

Back when I had a free Comcast DVR, I loved it, and watched a lot more TV because of it.  Since giving that up, my viewing habits have dropped off and changed quite a bit.

Now, I get annoyed when I can’t watch a newly released movie for $4 on my computer.  Or for any price on my computer – -Why isn’t it offered?  I get more annoyed when I see movies that came out 2 or more years ago categorized as “new arrivals” on Netflix…gimme a break.

“This is all almost interesting, Scott.  What’s the point?”  Point is, that as a 35-year-old male, I’m gonna say that I’m at the tail end of a generation that watches, or watched, TV on an actual television, using an over-the-air or cable signal.

None of this should be news to anyone.  Over the last several years you might have read articles from adverntureous technology writers who tried to consume media only over the internet for one week.  Now it’s common and easy.  Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, Vimeo, etc etc etc.

So please, take my Poll, leave your answers in the comments, and please include your age:

———-How much “TV” do you watch:
On your Television?
On your computer?
On a mobile device?

———-What do you watch the most:  

Traditional network shows (ABC NBC etc)?
Subscription shows (HBO)?
Kid’s shows?
Educational programming?
No pattern, whatever interests you?

I am participating in a November blogesphere event over on Tuesdays With Deborah. November is National Novel Writing Month, so several of us have committed to blogging something like 100 words a day.  My apologies in advance.

Til tomorrows entry…

Scott Bell
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5 thoughts on “What does “TV” mean to You?

  1. I guess the answer I have for you is. I watch as much or as little as I want and I don’t have anything fancy, basic channels and I don’t even use all of those.

    Sometimes I watch NCIS, I hate the news, History or Scifi channel and sometimes I watch some really old dumb movies that have no value except to simply entertain.

    As far as my age, I am young enough to still enjoy cartoons and young enough to have seen many of the remake movies originally.

  2. Great post Scott. I know what you mean. I am amazed when I try to tell someone about something I watch online and they say what? When I watch TV now I often mute commercials and am annoyed with too many breaks. It’s almost painful to watch movies on regular TV anymore. I think once I get an iPad my cable will be on short notice.


    ———-How much “TV” do you watch:
    On your Television? 70% (mostly sports / ESPN games)
    On your computer? 25% (movies, TV)
    On a mobile device? (Video, TV)

    ———-What do you watch the most:

    Movies? (Yes)
    Sports? (Yes)
    Traditional network shows (ABC NBC etc)? Almost never unless it’s sports!!
    Subscription shows (HBO)? (Real Sports)
    Kid’s shows?
    Educational programming? (Yes)
    No pattern, whatever interests you?

  3. Thank you both!
    @ Darylene: entertainment always has value! I still enjoy cartoons too. Collecting Spiderman And His Amazing Friends screenshots in a folder on my desktop at the moment.

    @ Gerald: I totally agree with you on commercials….one huge reason why I just can’t watch network TV. And a big reason why I was compelled to stop doing making them full time 3 years ago. I have even less patience for commercial online; if I want to see the “somber dress Kim Kardashian wore” and yahoo puts a commercial longer than 5 seconds in front of the content, I’ve already clicked away.

    What I am highly tempted to do is update my ancient TV to one with an HDMI port so that I can stream straight to that bigger screen. Or go get an AppleTV.

  4. Thought provoking post Scott. I only watch TV on the TV – don’t have Netflix anymore – but that was on the TV and not my computer too – except when I was n bedrest for 3 weeks – then my laptop came to bed with me. Mostly I watch drama’s like NCIS, NCIS LA, Person of Interest etc. I DVR them so I can skip the commercials. I almost forgot I do watch reruns of “Whose Line Is It Anyway” and sometimes “Almost Live”. I watch for pure entertainment and don’t watch the news or sports or kids stuff – but then my youngest is 32 and the grandkids are in South Carolina.

  5. Ahhh…TV…loved it as a kid…come indoors from playing hard outside whether the ground was frozen or muddy, and my imagination soared with TV. We have cable only to our wireless hub, but not to our TV. We have one of the “big” old fashioned boxes. We keep it thinking, hey, we’ll watch movies. DVDs. But, shoot, all of us, from my mother-in-law to my kids to our foreign exchange students rarely ever watch it. It’s an overflow dungeon. We’re all too busy. On computers. Desktops, iPads, laptops, smartfones. I rarely ever watch TV on my computer, tho.

    There was a time I got into space operas & watched all the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series on computer with subtitles. Some X-Files. But I’d rather read a book. All ebooks now as my library burned up in a fire. But I now find it hard to read cover to cover – I burrow into the work & hyperlink everywhere like I’m on the Starship Enterprise or something. I draw the line at TV watching on smartfones, tho. It is clear our cultural habits are changing radically for the first time since Gutenburg’s first printing press (or maybe mass public education, but that’s another story). Things are so different now I can’t even answer your questions. Ten years ago, maybe. Now, they no longer compute.
    Thanks for the provoking topic, tho!


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