Can I Stop Now?

Can I stop writing NOW?

This is my 20th post during the month, and my 3rd one TONIGHT. I had some catching up to do. (I do like the scoreboard.)

Well, I have to thank, once again, the lovely, talent and omniscient hostess, Deborah Drake. I’m thinking about blogging more than I ever, ever have. I think a seed of a good habit and practice has been planted. I will need even more encouragement, to nurture, water and fertilize this belligerent seedling. I can’t wait until the end of this paragraph, where I will close a very creative chapter of my life.

Thank you, Weather Girl.

ciao, Pete


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Pete’s specialty is “profit search and rescue”. He is an Efficiency and Effectiveness Expert in commercial transportation and logistics operations. Pete’s consulting practice is focused on working with growing Northwest companies with six or more delivery drivers who are frustrated with their delivery operations’ productivity or quality. He has assisted his clients to gain, at least, 10 % improvement in direct labor savings.

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