Mommy, Do Transformers Live On Our Street?

[Driving to daycare]

No, honey.  Transformers don’t live on our street.

Mommy, do Transformers have blood in them?

No honey. Transformers are make believe and they are like robots.


Mommy, do cars have blood in them?



Mommy, does the sky have blood in it?



Mommy, what has blood in it?

Well honey people have blood, animals, birds, cats, dogs – they all have blood in them.

Mommy, last week I fell on a rock and blood came out of my skin.  So, daddy put a bandaid on and it is better now.

That’s great honey.

Mommy, I don’t want to dream about Transformers anymore.  I want to dream about firemen and puppies.

Mmmm.  Fireman doing good things like saving people and puppies playing.  Those sound like good dreams.


Honey, what made think about Transformers living on our street?

On that show the Transformer picks up the daddy and drops him on the car.  The daddy gets hurt.  I don’t want daddy to get hurt.  That would be a lot of bandaids.

Neither do I honey.  I like your idea to dream about firemen and puppies.

Me too.  Tonight I am going to dream that.

What a great idea, you have the best ideas.

[Thanks to a 30 second commercial by State Farm…]

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