What A Lovely Ride This Has Been, Thank You

As November comes to a close, I cruise our ragtag collection of stories and I can’t help but smile.  It has been like a wonderful Sunday ride in the car.  Warm sun, window down, radio on.  Carefree with no destination in mind – we let the road take us wherever.  We never knew where we would end up or what we would discover around the next bend.  Now, looking in the rear view mirror there are so many adventures begun, challenges overcome, hearts and minds connecting.

Together we drive on into December and beyond.

I just had to stop and say Thank You all for a lovely ride so far.

2 thoughts on “What A Lovely Ride This Has Been, Thank You

  1. Joni,

    I hope you recognize how fully you have stretched and grown and challenged you.
    I hope you take this new level of confidence into all areas of your business writing and your personal projects…Let them come forth with the Joni-ness that you have re-discovered. You are a fine writing voice. I look forward to your December works!


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