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As of today would you believe that we have collectively added NINETY-SEVEN posts to this community site? 97…

Bravo to the contributors of November who are stretching their writing wings in some cases, DAILY, and not just 5x weekly but even as much as 7x.

I love that y’all –who know who you are– are all over this community site and as we turn a corner and reach the half-way point of November’s Challenge, what are your goals and intentions for the second half?

Pete DiSantis, NuYawKa DiSantis, whom I saw today at Unity of Bellevue, said, “Oh, I’ve been posting daily, took a break one day, but yeah then, I am posting five times weekly or better.” And he’s come to realize it is not that hard to find 100 plus words to capture a thought or a memory.

Scott Bell, who flaunts that fact he blogs infrequently in a humorous voice on Tuesdays, has been both active and funny as always.

Steve Kenagy and Fai Dawson who write with me each Thursday night, I so love seeing your posts beyond our Writers Gathering in our notebooks, scribbled frantically in timed writing prompts!

Leona Rehm, you are a fine, wise and funny writer and especially when you allow yourself to just write what is on your heart. Your posts have been wonderful. Thank you, may we have some more.

Paul Zohav, I have noticed a refinement and evolving tone of voice that I find humorous and thought provoking and I like it VERY much. And I used VERY intentionally, SO, LIKE I was saying, UHM, thanks for your attentions to the distinctions in language.

Gerald Grinter, your prose roll off my silently reading tongue and your tell it like it is way of storytelling TOTALLY works for me.

Joni, as I expressed in our most recent chat via IM on Facebook:

Joni Kovarik

It is wonderful to see the variety, richness and honesty of all of the posts. Personally, it is fun and helping me to get some content for my site which is great! I wish I had time to do the novel challenge too. These little bits make me want to pick that up again. Alas, child, house to clean, business to build….realizing I am not wonderwoman…but would love to have her boots and jet : )
Deborah Drake

So this comment of yours. I am going to use it to springboard off for a post I want to put up as we are at the halfway mark. Okay? I am so glad you are creating space to write as you are and that it remains the habit you form and maintain after day 30 of November.
Your storytelling is quite captivating. What does Cody think about mom the writer?
Joni Kovarik

Sure. He doesn’t like me on the computer but loves me to tell stories – always asks me “And then what happens next, Mom?”
Deborah Drake

And then what happens next, Mom? (great blog title….about storytelling offline)
Joni Kovarik

true – I will have to make a note of it…
Deborah Drake

Joni Kovarik

 how are you feeling about the challenge and the new intentions of the group?
Deborah Drake

well there is about 25% from the # of registered users.
i too love the variety and richness of the posts
and of course some people are being rockstars who have been previously silent in circle
i love steve kenagy’s posts…his voice
i hear it on thursday nights when we do our little group but to see them posted for all to read! Love it.
Joni Kovarik

he’s funny. comes through in his writing really well. i have not met peter or william but both are great writers too. karin has been writing but not posting onto the tuesday blog. and great to see Susan H post! did you know she has over 900 fans on her Aunty micro blog? amazing
Deborah Drake

Thanks Joni for allowing me to share this moment of comment love between us. How about we all add one small to do to our daily posting activity and that is to comment on someone else’s post this next two weeks?
I know you are all reading! And have great thoughts like Joni and I!
What are they? Whom do you know better because of this Writing Challenge?


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