Fall relationship reviews for the holidays

Clean up your relationships before you sit across a holiday table from them.

With the prospect of good cheer to come it is worthwhile to reflect on the relationships in your life, and recall what has been shoved “under the rug” this past year.

Ask, “What have I let slide, between myself and others, that might confront us over the Thanksgiving table? Who have I stopped talking to? Who do I believe owes me an apology?”

Once you know the who, you will know the what (to do).

Reach out and touch those who have been alienated from you; ask for forgiveness; apologize where necessary (even if they were wrong). After all, the past is the past and what matters most is the relationship between you and them in the years to come.

Clean up your relationships before you sit across a holiday table from them.

Holding onto grudges; being right, will only make for one very cold Christmas celebration, and for another one just like it next year.

One thought on “Fall relationship reviews for the holidays

  1. Yes, a timely reminder to drop the blame & shame & the right vs. wrong stuff. For me, it’s a practice, too – unless there was a gross violation of my ethics I’d rather be Happy than Right. Beyond that I’d rather be on Purpose than Happy. Thanks for the reminders. As someone once said, “Begrudge the dead, not the living, so don’t even waste your time with those already gone.”


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