December’s Authentic Writing Challenge: Co-created & Brilliant

“I know I think a lot more about writing.”

“We created the game together and created a vacuum of desire.”

“I thought it was going to be about quantity and not quality and so I opted not to participate…and there has been a lot of quality writing.”

“I feel like I know people better because of what they wrote.”

Of all the candid and wonderful insights and remarks I heard on Tuesday at the weekly meet-up, for some reason I jotted these down. They represent the key points and takeaways for me, the facilitator of this weekly gathering.

We began the November Challenge, the Blogorama, the Novemberama as William D. Bass came to call it (love that), to parallel the NaNoWriMo, the annual and international writing challenge for fiction writers.

We as the bloggers we are or want to be vowed to post as much as daily, five times or our best efforts toward, 100 words or more. What happened?

A lot of writing. Writing that got better and better. Writing that surprised us, enchanted us, inspired us, made us think, and allowed us to freely explore writing daily as something we could commit to and do well and with heart. Writing that defined us personally and helped our business messaging.

I am not the first, nor will I be the last to “evangelize” about the value of writing as a daily practice. I like doing it, I have since I was very young. For me it is as regular an activity as breathing. I for example, never travel without a journal or a notepad or a way to capture my inspired thoughts to come back to later. Great thoughts are at times fleeting like butterflies. I carry a net at all times!

Some people don’t identify with writing. I get that. Some people want to write on purpose. I get that. Some people struggle with writing for their business. I get that. Some people would sooner hire another to record their ideas. I get that. I do that for some clients. Some people can learn how to write for themselves and enjoy it. I teach clients who are willing HOW.

That is what the November writing challenge was about. Getting you comfortable with writing frequently as you and on purpose and with intention.

For December, now we move into making it about writing with even more focused attention and intention.

Pick your Why: Yours and not someone else’s.

Why and what do you want to hold yourself accountable for with a community of support? Make it personal for you. Do it for the nobler and larger agenda as it relates to your life goals, business goals, writing goals.

Internal motivation trumps external motivation for me, as important as external factors can be. What is your best internal motivation? What is your best external motivation? Where do they intersect? That is the power point for you and your writing adventures!

December you are invited to recommit to what you would do for your writing and your goals (business or personal). Weekly themes and writing prompts will be offered to assist and inspire by myself and others. ALL are welcome to challenge those of us writing in December.

Improvements technically on the WP site itself are being addressed. The site~like our writing prowess and agility is a “work in progress.”

Join the game if you are game. Perhaps engage to “best yourself” from last month as far as frequency of posting or the total number of posts you pen in a month.

While this is in no way a competition, we realize some people are motivated by the chase and like to be in what they see as “first place.” (You know who you are.) Fine. So be it ~ we will continue to humor you (smile).

If you are writing with heart, authenticity, congruency and consistency on themes and topics THAT WORK FOR YOU…you are winning in my book. I invite you to stretch yourself and experiment. Challenge yourself to write more, write less, from a different vantage point, sharing more of you than you might, or on a topic that perplexes you that requires a little research. Test your wits and your ability.

And a word about commenting. Try it. Let it be the writing you do when you don’t feel like writing your own post. Read thoughtfully. Consider how it does or does not touch.

Comment candidly and with intention. Give what you would like to be given. Thoughtful, honest acknowledgement.

We all want it to some degree. Yes?

What is the bottomline: November has been a success if you were writing and got more excited about writing. We practiced sharing what was in front of, perplexing us, perturbing us, inspiring us, defining us. We talked business, memories, ritual, told stories and shared our inner landscape with people who may just need us professionally or personally in their lives.

Writers are being developed who take small daily steps at getting clear on their messaging for their business and themselves. We, as business owners, are multi-faceted people. Stay connected to that fact as you conduct yourself in the world.

December begins tomorrow as well as a fresh invitation to commit to writing with intention, with goals in mind, telling our stories, sharing our wisdom, being ourselves and knowing that what we write and share could impact others and make a difference to someone we know, don’t know, are MEANT to meet, work with, befriend, inspire and any other VERB you would suggest.

Keep up the momentum that November has generated. Ask for support when you need it.

Be true to your schedule and goals as defined by you. By you. Get that!

We might create as many as 500 postings on this site by January but that is not as important to me as challenging myself as writer and coach and facilitator. If you discover a love of self-expression through writing that is genuine because of your engagement in this process, our group, your work with me individually, know you are making me smile and I am pleased for you!

December 6th we celebrate the word count, the post count, the best of our own writing, community, food, tea, and acknowledging what has been accomplished and what we build upon. Join us if you are able whether you wrote with us or did not. The point is to gather to celebrate the written word and the power of it and recognizing the power of authentic self-expression.”

As of today, this community blog contains over 280 rich and diverse entries. Themes in individual contributors are emerging. Writing voices are being developed: Tones and colors and qualities that make for a unique writing signature that is all yours.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

And celebrate your practice; with community.

“ Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet has free access to the sum of all human knowledge. ”
—Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia

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Deborah Drake is on a Creative Writing Mission (be you writing for business or otherwise) : To get you to love doing your own writing and express yourself confidently and with authenticity and whole heart. Writing in this age of "the world being your oyster," what will it take for you to chase out "for good" the disbelief that you can't write as yourself and for yourself and attract GREAT readers and clients? Consider this writing coach like an assignment a la Peace Corps...she will teach you how to not only plant that garden and harvest the yield, but craft your own recipes in a cookbook you can then self-publish and market boldly with enthusiasm that lights up a room. Writing is good for the soul, good for business and therapeutic and to be able to authentically self-express who we are, what we do and what we care about in this age is PARAMOUNT. Can you?

2 thoughts on “December’s Authentic Writing Challenge: Co-created & Brilliant

  1. Hi Deborah…..
    Thanks for the insight and passion. I will read, write & inspire with WILD abandon….or at least give it a good try. This is a FUN and diverse group to be comfortable with and to become friends with. THANKS for your leadership. I appreciate YOU…and your willingness to let us create our own way & in our own timeframes.
    Sincerely, Kelly

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