Damn CATS!!!

Last December, we got kidney stones and kittens for Christmas. The kidney stones have passed, painlessly, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY! The kittens are adult. We are coming up to almost a year of being a 2 feline household. The antics they play are often hysterical.

Last week, I was using a headset on our home phone to make some business calls. I remember leaving the headset and phone at the eating counter off the kitchen. During the week, I put the phone back in its charger. But last night, I wanted to use the headset again to make calls. I went to the counter and I didn’t find it. I searched high and low, twice. I scratched my head three times. Where the hell . . . ?

I told my daughter, I thought the cats had stolen my headset. She laughed. What would the cats do with the telephone headset? I scratched my head again.

Two hours later, my daughter reports she has found the headset under her dresser in her bedroom.

Damn CATS!!!!

ciao, Pete


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