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Take a minute or three and leave a comment. What strikes you as you read this?

There, a simple tool for a writing practice that will over time make you a more confident writer.  I would promise you that in a heartbeat.

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Deborah Drake is on a Creative Writing Mission (be you writing for business or otherwise) : To get you to love doing your own writing and express yourself confidently and with authenticity and whole heart. Writing in this age of "the world being your oyster," what will it take for you to chase out "for good" the disbelief that you can't write as yourself and for yourself and attract GREAT readers and clients? Consider this writing coach like an assignment a la Peace Corps...she will teach you how to not only plant that garden and harvest the yield, but craft your own recipes in a cookbook you can then self-publish and market boldly with enthusiasm that lights up a room. Writing is good for the soul, good for business and therapeutic and to be able to authentically self-express who we are, what we do and what we care about in this age is PARAMOUNT. Can you?

20 thoughts on “Quotes to INSPIRE you and your writing

  1. 11-19-11
    Love dies only when growth stops.
    Pearl S. Buck

    Got to be inspired by these quotes while they are here as they change daily. A nice touch to this post that comments can be added infinitely as the quote changes…consider it a writing prompt to respond to in a minute or three.

    Much like the point of the site: http://oneword.com

    Take a meditative break on a single thought. What is channeled by you in that moment.

    With respect to writing, this quote relates well. My writing grows both in depth and breadth or so I like to think, because I love to write and that promotes growth. I have seen how my writing has changed through the years. As I mature, so does my writing AND still I am pondering the same seasonal and universal themes. Those darn relationships in all shapes and sizes and scenarios lead the pack still after nearly 40 years of keeping a personal journal…In pursuit of my highest self, in the name of relating well out in the world, do I stay committed to my writing practice.

    Happy to say that my powers of contemplation are much refined.

    I am grateful for the early writing teachers I had who encouraged me so genuinely — that my natural draw to write creatively and well for school was set on fire.

    I live to do that for others now. Living by example, daily as the writer as one part of all that I am.

    Now I wonder what will tomorrow’s quote of the day be? Does it come into play at 12 midnight? Shall I wait seven minutes to see what the quote of the day is?

    I will heed the advice of the fortune cookie I got on Thursday. Be patient. Okay…just this once…LOL

  2. 11/20/11

    Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.
    Benjamin Spock
    American pediatrician and author, 1903-1998

    Do I? Can you? Will we?

    We honestly do know more than we think we do. Thinking is the culprit. Thinking attempts to veil intuitive wisdom that sets up on the right path, connects us to the next right people, is why we go left when right was better, why we don’t take the I-90 bridge and hope the 520 won’t be crowded yet…only to find it is.

    We know so well as young kids who to friend at the park and literally in an instance. Why do we lose that ability to sense what is okay and best to pursue?

    It takes more time to retrain our intuition than to never lose it in the first place.

    Dr. Spock was on to something. What will it take for me to get back to it with 100% commitment? Striving for it is a great beginning.

    • Yes! … and recently as I go deeper into my practice of Samatha & Vipassana Buddhist meditations, I’ve learned not to strive. For to striving distracts me from where I want to go. It becomes attachment & ego, and I’ve a large ego with lots of glue. Work hard with focus and purpose and relax into it as flow…you’ll go further.


  3. 11/24/11

    It requires wisdom to understand wisdom; the music is nothing if the audience is deaf
    Walter Lippmann ~ American journalist, 1889-1974

    Being a writer or one with plans to write a book, the first advice given by one author and editor I know is, “know your reader (aka audience).”

    I find myself wondering which method to apply to determining what I will write and for whom be it a single post or an article series or a book of longer length: My choices being inductive or deductive reasoning to identify my audience.

    To write and speak what I would and could and must and let my audience show up OR to define who I wanted to be writing for and write for them.

    Today’s quote makes me wonder which is the best way today?

  4. The quote: The first duty of man is to think for himself.”
    I’m being picky, but I’d say, The first duty of anyone is to THINK. From our thoughts come our feelings, from our feelings our actions, from our actions, our results. If we consciously choose our thoughts we can consciously create the results we want. If we leave our thoughts to meander all over the meadow and swamps of our unconsciousness – who knows what we’ll get?

  5. There is no “duty” in thinking. Our brains churn out thoughts as that’s what brains do, just as Jose Marti once upon a time thought it up & thought it sounded seriously cool to him. Then Deb thought it cool enough to post, and me cool enough to respond to.

    Our bodies, in which our brains reside, generate thoughts & emotions & feelings & make up beliefs.

    It would be most helpful, I would imagine, to develop and practice mindfulness in our thinking, not be automatically hijacked by thoughts and emotions. In being mindful, we become self-aware and present to all that is as it is. In such a way we recognized the oneness of all even as we discern distinctions between my brain thinks A & that brain thinks B & yet another brain goes “Elephant!”

    Marti doesn’t want people to be sheeple. And those are just my own duty-free thoughts.


  6. 12.5.2011

    Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.
    Walt Whitman ~ poet, 1819-1892

    When I give thought to this small and potent quote, written by a poet who could write with a fervor and detail that enraptured me as I read Leaves of Grass in High School, I realize again that I am holding my breath! I breathe out and breathe in the idea that whatever satifies the soul, in this case my own soul, is truth.

    In the last few weeks things have become clearer to me because I have recognized some important truthful moments that were teachable moments if I agreed to be student.

    Things are not always what they seem to be. More often than not, they are not.

    The truth is as elusive as a draft of wind unseen, ever present, changing always but also always the same. (Yes, I know I am being contradictory.) Even truth is contradictory at times isn’t it.

    Years ago I participated in Awareness Intensives on Japanese/Zen Koans on questions like: What is Love? What is Awareness? What was the outcome of those all-day dialogues five minutes at a time, one asking the question, the other answering till the timer expired, thank you being said, then roles reversed, ALL DAY LONG…yes, all day long with quiet breaks taken in silence.

    Love was black, then white, the joyful, then painful, then everlasting, then fleeting…you get the picture? Awareness too was always ultimately expressed in dual terms that seeming opposed each other. Ouch, headache coming on.

    So, whatever satisfies the soul is truth. That works for me!

  7. Funny, today is the first time I allowed myself to uncross my eyes and focus at what had appeared to be a spaghetti jumble of fOnTs in all maNNeR of siZes & ColouRs. The visual cacophony stirs up my brain too much.

    Reading it with focus, however, stirs up mixed emotions in me. I “know too much,” as some are want to say. As a young man, reading of Churchill as a magnificent warrior & statesman – he is often eulogized as such especially as he led the British Isles thru “their darkest hour” in World War 2 – made him seem heroic, even god-like. Now his reputation has been quite tarnished, although such tarnish doesn’t show much these days among the masses. He was responsible as Prime Minister of the British Empire for a number of atrocities and famines with millions dead in British India. I’ll stop here.

    “Continuous effort” – it depends. Is it with Purpose? Or is it another way of repeating Albert Einstein’s “doing the same thing over & over again w/o different results is insanity?” I’ve come to appreciate there’s time, space, & place for different approaches from space and pace (ebb & flow/rest & go) to non-stop go go go to steady as she goes. I feel intention & purpose are more crucial than how effort is applied.

    Thanks for stirring up such an inquiry!


  8. The inspiring quote for March 7, 2012, reminds us that Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived for others is worth living.” As I take a moment or three to invite from my memory into the present a few moments that showed me my life is worth living…. the meaningful moments that come easily to mind are moments for, and with, others. May it always be so.

  9. “Music and silence combine strongly.”
    …I would add that a bell is not a bell until it is rung,
    and a song is not a song until it is sung.
    So whom ever you are in silence, step up and shout your music .

  10. I am a world-class weenie when it comes to letting people
    stick needles into me. My subconscious mind firmly believes that if
    God had wanted us to have direct access to our bloodstreams,
    He would have equipped our skin with small, clearly marked doors.
    ~Dave Barry ~ Author, Humorist

    What does my subconscious say to this? Part of me agrees. Would that be my subconscious or my conscious self?

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