Weekly Writer’s/Blogger’s Support Group

WRITING…BLOGGING…SELF-PUBLISHING…It’s good for you and your business…Right?


Friends, Philosphy and Tea House and Event Center
13850 Bel-Red Rd, Bellevue, Wa 98005
(Across from Applebees)


Ever feel this way:

“I really wish I could get into that writing I want to do! And have fun with it.”

“Oh, please don’t make me blog…Oh it is part of marketing wisely you say? And must I embrace Social Media? But it takes too much time. And who wants to read my story?”

We do. (Those of us who attend this weekly gathering!)

You are not alone in your quest for effective marketing activity of all kinds that feels enjoyable to engage in…

Where writing and marketing and business development are concerned…Do you experience at times, too much “monkey mind.”

Would a little positive community intervention and support be an antidote?

Are you game to develop consistency and spontaneous creativity in your marketing efforts, or for your blog that is part of Brand You? Want to look forward to “marketing” by way of using writing to help you get found?

This weekly drop-in group is about providing INSPIRATION and SUPPORT and GENTLE ACCOUNTABILITY to those who:

-want to write a blog post weekly or better and COULD but DON’T

-perceive that nurturing a blog takes too much time and will keep you tied to your computer more than you already are

-who get stimulated by group activities that spawn great editorial ideas

-want to develop the discipline BY CHOICE to write more regularly as part of their wholistic marketing plans

In the name of nourishing you and your business, please join us as you are able, and learn that with others even that which seems a chore can be more fun.

Enthusiasm from your facilitator is guaranteed. Insights and positive support from your peers will be a natural by-product.

No catch, this is a gathering of like minded writers who experience from time to time, too much “monkey mind.” And a little community intervention and positive support would be the antidote!


Gain insights on WordPress and other user-friendly self-publishing platforms, Creating Great Content, SEO Tips, Uncovering One’s True Writing Voice, and find a supportive community that makes you potentially excited to write more often!

Dialogue…this is not a group where someone talks at you. The Magic is in the dialogue we have.

Experience something different every week they opt to come for the Agenda is to support those that show up in a way that is needed in the moment!


To remove the obstacles seen and unseen that keep you from enjoying writing.

To make great new connections who’ll support your writing visions.

To discover your authentic writing voice that it can expand your business goals.

IF you are a Biznik Member as well you can RSVP here:



If you are unable to attend a daytime event, consider alternately the Writers Supporting Writers Group that meets Thursday evenings at 7pm till 8:30pm all Thursdays monthly EXCEPT the 2nd Thursday.  http://friendsphilosophyandtea.ning.com/events/writers-supporting-writers-an-2


3 thoughts on “Weekly Writer’s/Blogger’s Support Group

  1. Since March 30th we’ve been gathering. Who is we? Well there are the Usual Suspects…the Core of the returning participants become friends and fellow writers on a quest for the next great piece. Eight months of weekly gathering to REMOVE THE CURRENT OBSTACLES and counting more…

    I find the Community that has emerged out of this organically open and lightly facilitated meeting, to be Extra-Ordinary.

    The Solitary Writer I can be loves my Writing Family and Peer Group.

    I can’t imagine my life without knowing these people:

    Will Sugg: seattleonlinemarketing.net
    Pete DiSantis: http://www.peterdisantis.com/
    Susan Straub Martin: http://strauberrystudios.com/
    Judy Stoffel Loewen: http://blog.singingheartcoach.com/
    Judy Dowling: http://www.meetup.com/EmbracingSilence/members/12119836/
    Warren Dent: http://www.warrend.com/
    Leslie Ciechanowski: http://www.fuzionhealingarts.com/

    to name but a few…

    The community that has gathered around the weekly writer’s group that began March 30th humbles and honors me each and every week.


  2. Welcoming – supportive – laughter, lots of laughter – great info – freedom to ask questions – free to be me – Today I attended my second meeting and again experienced all of the above. The meetings are sunshine to my writers soul.

    • Dear Joy,

      Today when you said “I am Joy” for you ARE in more ways than one, I so wanted to stop and have everyone repeat…”I am Joy!”

      So glad these gatherings feed your creative soul. As they are intended! Looking forward to having you on a Thursday night some time too!


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