Developing an Authentic Voice for Self-Expression: An Ongoing Series

Developing an Authentic Voice for Self-Expression: An Ongoing Series on Writing Speaking, Blogging and Self-Publishing with Confidence, Creativity and Essence.

What currently stops you from writing and speaking freely with Creative Agility and Enthusiasm for Fun or Profit?

Join an interactive class, a specialty module or the comprehensive series. Guest Speakers Monthly. Beginning  Wednesday February 29th. 6:30pm-8:30pm. Fee details below. Pre-registration appreciated. All levels welcome. At Friends, Philosophy and Tea in Bellevue at 13850 Bel-Red Road.

Writing (4 weeks)

  • For business communications (2/29)
  • For personal memoir (3/7)
  • For fictional works (3/14)
  • For blogging (3/21)

BONUS: SEO best practices that work and is easy to remember (every week)

Speaking (4 weeks)

  • Telling Your Story (3/28)
  • Telling Another’s Story (4/4)
  • With small groups (4/11)
  • With larger groups (4/18)
  • It’s About Making yourself Memorable (P.U.R.R.) 

Blogging (4 weeks)

  • For business development (4/25)
  • For personal development (5/2)
  • Integrating business and personal (5/9)
  • Benefits of Blogging: short term and long term (5/16)
  • Guest Speakers on WordPressBlogsites and Analytics

BONUS: SEO best practices that work and is easy to remember (every week)

Self-Publishing (4 weeks)

  • Why self-publish? (5/23)
  • Who is your audience? (5/30)
  • Defining your calling card & Diversifying your message (6/6)
  • Finding your tribe & Growing your reach (6/13)
  • Guest Speaker on popular platforms for self-publishing: (CreateSpace, PubIt, Lulu and more)

BONUS: SEO & Social Media Channels: best practices that work and is easy to remember

We will explore:

  • What are your core values about creativity and writing? Where did they come?
  • What is your authentic voice for self-expression?
  • How personal can/will you get?
  • Writing from the heart for business: why does it work?
  • Integrating our core values intentionally: Why is it key to long term success?
  • What SEO and Social Media Marketing is simplest and works best?

Who is this series for:

  • Writers who write for themselves with a quiet desire to write publically
  • Writers who are blocked by or less than confident with technology
  • Media artists who wants also to write but doubt themselves as writers
  • Small Business Owners who resist blogging!
  • Reticent bloggers of every level who need inspiration and support

The world of today offers writers with the gumption to by-pass traditional publishing models a means to do for themselves what they want. After mastering the basics and traveling through the learning curve comes the sense of creative freedom when we can help ourselves. Are you a closet writer or artist with a desire to establish an online presence that you can manage mostly by yourself?

Are you presently intimidated, if only by a little, by the quickly changing technology of DIY platforms (WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, Weebly, CreateSpace, ePub, and more). We’ll demystify and review the many options.

Exactly what are your current beliefs about writing and creativity and WHERE did they come from? Some beliefs serve you; some don’t. We’ll seek out, interview and address the Critic, the Editor, and the Voice that lives in you. We’ll quiet the Critic, develop the Editor, and encourage the Voice that desires to be fully self-expressed.

What’s the format?

  • 2 hours weekly 6:30-8:30pm
  • Themed Dialogue & Interactive
  • Dialogue Small group work
  • Optional field work and accountability partnering (highly recommended!)

What’s the investment in your creativity?

By the class $33 * By the module $99 * The entire series + one private session $360

Special pricing on individual monthly coaching/consultation (up to 6 hours) if you ask!

Limited to 16 participants per class

Starting February 29th

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