Publish Yourself: A Salon on Self-Promotion thru Self-Publishing

Join us October 29th 2011 for the Art of Self-Publishing & Self-Promotion and your Business and your Creative Spirit will Thank You!

Whom do you know who…
has challenges promoting themselves and their great ideas well?
…has a book that they are challenged with promoting and selling?
...has a book they KNOW they want to write & wants to self-publish
…has a blog that deserves to be a book?
has a great idea for a book that a ghost writer could bring to life?
…has a great story to tell as a memoir, a young adult novel, a children’s book?

…Is it YOU (smile)?

This daylong salon on SELF-PUBLISHING and SELF-PROMOTION features wisdom and insights on developing great ideas into the great blogs, books, or products whichever they deserve to be WITH a focus on the CRITICAL NEED for being your FIRST BEST MARKETEER! Join us to learn:

Why you should consider writing and self-publishing your book
How to develop an idea into a manuscript for your audience
How to navigate the print-on-demand process
How to distribute your book via, Barnes & Noble, etc.
How to successfully publicize and market your book (online and offline)
How to build interest in your future published work (while writing and producing)

What can you expect?
Easy to Digest Presentations on Creating Content, Writing, Editing, Design, the Publishing Process, Marketing/PR, Social Media, SEO and Promotion:

And we’ve designed the day to include informal networking AT LUNCH (you can order in boxed lunches when you register!) and we close with the Wine and Cheese Social Hour!

What previous attendees are saying…

“Deborah, No one should attempt a book without having you stand right next to them.” (April 2011) Warmly, Mac Alexander Macdonald, 2010 attendee and now author Lighting Your Own Fuse: A Glossary of Mission, Vision and Values

For current and aspiring authors, a Mega-Thumbs-Up for this event from me. Several good things happened to me because I attended last November’s Salon. First, I made valuable contacts among the many knowledgeable self-publishing professionals in attendance. Second, I picked up several “ah-HA!” ideas from the presentations that I incorporated into my book Resumes That Resume Careers. And third, I met the creative, inspiring person who has become my co-author and marketing partner as Résumés morphs into a second edition (Your Professional Profile™ – Winning the Inner and Outer Game of Finding Work or New Clients.)–Don Burrows of Your Professional Profile, Author/Workshop Leader &  Resume Strategist

“I had a fabulous time. I hoped to learn a lot, but I learned way more than that. Much of it was information that I didn’t know I needed; but now that I have it, whole new vistas are opening up. I was equally dazzled by the you who were there. Sensitivity, encouragement, invaluable insights – wow! What an experience!” —Katie Munoz, Owner, Moving Forward, Inc. (Co-author “Get Organized Today!”)

This event is hosted by Deborah Drake of Authentic Writing Provokes and Friends, Philosophy and Tea.

By the end of the day, you will have the KEY information needed to write better and faster, self-publish, distribute, and market your book worldwide and be aware of awesome local expert resources! Similar events of this content run $300-$500.

WHO IS THIS DAY FOR?  The novice writer and blogger and the professional writer who desires more book sales and publicity opportunities.

At the end of this day you will have the information needed to develop, write, self-publish, distribute and promote your book with confidence and ongoing support as desired.

The Schedule
8:30am Register and Settle In
9am-12pm morning sessions
Lunch and Networking
1pm-3pm Afternoon Sessions
3:30pm Wine and Cheese Social Hour

The Presenters
Kim Pearson of Primary Sources, Author, Ghost Writer, Editor
Rory Briski, Author and P.O.D. Book Publishing Consultant
Sue Zeal Oliver of Passions and Possibilities, Radio Host, Marketing Maven & Coach
Deborah Drake of Authentic Writing Provokes, Writing & Publishing Coach, Marketing & Promotions Specialist

AND If you have Halloween Plans you will have plenty of time to get ready for your partay,,,Boo!

Questions? Call Deborah Drake at 425-223-5335 or email

Space is limited to first 44 participants. PRE-REGISTRATION MUCH APPRECIATED

Salon Registration Pricing

4 thoughts on “Publish Yourself: A Salon on Self-Promotion thru Self-Publishing

    • Kelly,

      How did I miss this lovely comment before. It’s been a pleasure meeting you and having your wisdom at that the Weekly Writer’s Group. What you are doing with the Rotary’s blogsite with your Social Media Coach is GREAT stuff. Where once you were unsure, now you know the power of writing with heart and in the moment and in the name of the best of intentions. It works doesn’t it!

  1. Kelly,

    It has been a great day of learning and community all times presented and experienced by over 50 so far. I welcome telling you more about it and we plan on a new offering in late January or early February.

    Looking forward to our meet-up Tuesday!

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