Early Morning Lessons

Seagull on green grass

Snowy grey landing with grace

More rain to come today


Plump crow on a fence

Takes time to taunt a squirrel

Minding his own mind and path


Speckled gull and black birds

Of a feather feast upon

Human offerings  left on a park lawn


Raindrops drip from gutters to ground

Leaves whisper before they fall

Early morning silence is silenced by a crying seagull


The Chinese woman won’t smile at me

Walking past me with a mask of a hard life


The path of leaves that camouflage the sidewalk is ablaze

With mottled pieces of fire and gold and crimson

Expressing a beauty that combusts the biting cold


Nature can be cruel beauty in odd moments

Always honest being what is season by season


My prayer this early hour is for gratitude for the approaching storm

That comes to cleanse and nourish as much as it comes to disrupt and energize

That I accept all that comes  and pass the tests before me with grace.

Deborah Drake


9am – Crossroads Park, Bellevue


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About Deborah Drake

Deborah Drake is known by a mantra: Authentic Writing Provokes. A full-time writer and editor and avid blogger, her professional experience spans over 20 years in the fields of journalism, publishing, advertising and design communications, professional development and coaching. She left McCann-Erickson in San Francisco to move to Seattle and join Bozell Worldwide in 1998. After working for several smaller agencies she took the leap into being a free agent in 2007 and has never looked back. She is a passionate wordsmith of short and long writing, engaging SEO copywriting, a Social Media Enthusiast, and a fan of WordPress as the DIY platform it is. Deborah has facilitated a weekly Writers Support Group for two years and founded a community blog that is home to over 800 posts and growing daily. Her writing and editing services include ghostwriting, marketing copywriting, copyediting, and writing/blogging coaching for the DIYer who needs an accountability partner they can creatively brainstorm with. "I believe your WordPress site DESERVES both good design and good copy. They are in a symbiotic relationship: each benefiting the other." Beautiful Design + User-friendly Functionality + Copy that Provokes = A Client Magnet

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