Divine Kismet and the Writing Coach

Today at the Unity Service I attend, I was reminded that what I have to contribute matters. And what YOU, reader (aka dormant writer) have to contribute also matters.

We simply need to believe that. It takes more time for some than others to reach this AHA point.

Divine Kismet put me at the same service as a woman with a book in her who had set the idea on a shelf. She’d previously come to workshops that I facilitated and was getting excited about an idea for a book that she had. Then life stepped in or time or a distraction or forty and she dropped out of communication.

Today, she dusted off the idea again and she begins again her quest to write.

There is always time that can be found to write in the spaces between the other important to dos. I  am always in possession of a note pad or journal myself. Heck, napkins, post its, coffee sleeves all work to catch notes for later exploration.

We’ll make time for what is important to us. We create space for it and look forward to it. One client I know started with stealing five minutes of time in between tasks at work and that writing demanded being done after hours for it energized him. It all adds up!

Remember: An article or a blog post or bigger still, a book gets written one word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, page and thought at a time.

If there is a voice in you asking to be expressed, I invite you to honor doing so.

If you are the sort that works alone and sticks to your plan, more power to you.

If you are clear about your voice and your story and your value proposition, bravo.

If you routinely let your thought patterns get in your own way, know that working with a writing coach for even a brief time can reset you and develop your confidence. An accountability partner is there to prompt you to write the words you want to daily and weekly. A developmental editor is there to help you develop your true voice.

So thanks to the Writer I bumped into today who was reminded in seeing me, she wants to turn her thoughts into words and her words into a legacy piece.

I was reminded of how it is I make a difference to those I work with and champion. I was thanked for being a motivating inspiration who knew how to draw out the best and enthusiasm in a person.

Getting to do and be what I love best of all as artful expression “for my livelihood” leaves me both flabberghasted daily and humbled as well.

If there is a writer in you struggling to get out, my wish for you is that you have the support you need. You deserve it!


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Deborah Drake is the founder of Authentic Writing Provokes, a full-time wordsmith, a publishing specialist, and an avid competitive storyteller. She champions the power of storytelling, good grammar, and on occasion--breaking the rules in the name of innovation. She has helped over a hundred clients develop, write, edit, and self-publish their website content, blogs, and books---Above all, she is an advocate for authentic writing, heart-based marketing, and bold self-promotion--that authentically reflects essence, vision, and mission. “What we can relate to personally, we can understand better, sooner, and more quickly. Authentic self-expression ALWAYS provokes." **Co-author of two non-fiction/self-help books, Burn Your Resume. You Need a Professional Profile and Message in a Bottle.** Deborah appreciates the stunning Pacific Northwest for its greenness even though she misses the salt air and sandy beaches of her native Monterey Peninsula--happily lives in Bellevue with her family, where she starts most days with an early morning walk to fuel her focus and creativity.

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