Share your wisdom. Tell your stories. Authentic always provokes.

Every person and business owner have important stories of challenges overcome, lessons learned, accomplishments realized, and human experiences that make them the right product and service provider for future clients. Too many people shy away from writing or believe they must write systematically to play it safe.

As a content development and writing strategy, that won’t attract ideal clients.

I am Deborah Drake, Founder of Authentic Writing Provokes; and I love the power of language and storytelling. I wish that writing came easily to every person, yet, the reality is that some struggle and many avoid it all together.

Authentic Writing Provokes offers clients a collaborative roadmap for overcoming the anxiety of writing for business and personal projects–and more importantly their reticence to bold and shameless self-expression and self-promotion. Each client receives personalized support in developing their unique writing voice, editing skill, self-publishing knowledge, and self-promotion talent. Some clients initially dread writing for themselves, telling their stories, promoting their content, and still some part of them wants to blog and write their books.

Authentic Writing Provokes transforms reticence into enthusiasm, self-criticism into skillful self-critique; and liberates the creative storyteller within.

Authentic Writing Provokes coaches and catalyzes self-belief in creating content as and for one’s self. AWP serves as writing coach, ghostwriter, editor, and any style of communication cheerleader needed to create authentic and compelling content from concept to published to promoted.

I have had the honor of working with 200+ clients individually and in group settings –who were initially reluctant to share personal wisdom and were reticent about writing for themselves.  The Writer’s Support Group for the Reticent Blogger was one of Biznik’s most popular weekly meetups during its existence, and so much writing was done after our weekly circle gathering–and continues!

  • My clients learn how to embrace creative and authentic self-expression.
  • My clients have finished books they had begun 30 years before.
  • My clients have developed books, blogs, and websites from the seed of an idea to a completed project.

My style of mentoring a reticent writer is grounded in positivity, candor, and generosity.

Through the years as a LinkedIn member, I have benefitted from having a business home base on LinkedIn–allowing people to get to know me on their terms. I’ll leverage ProFinder to identify individuals and business owners in need of more vibrant content that showcases their accomplishments and expertise. I’ll use it to expand my network of complementary professionals, get to know them online and offline, to then be a quality referral partner and connect people in need of each others’ services.

I wholeheartedly champion that a business owner first knows they can write for themselves because in my experience–as an avid reader and writer and communications specialist–“authentic self-expression always provokes.”

All the years it took to become a self-employed business owner have been a meaningful journey that I am still on. Every day, I am grateful that I am compensated to do what I love.

The work I do is  my vocation. How may I be of service today?


A VERY Special Writers Support Group for the Reticent Blogger (aka Writer)

Apparently, according to Biznik over 1000 attended events in  2011~

Interesting that the top attendees of events are names we know and love…who now blog well and learned from the best…Each Other!

Douglas Snider 96 events attended
Mark Behringer 61 events attended
Darylene Dennon 57 events attended
Susan Straub-Martin 50 events attended
Don Burrows 49 events attended
David Berkey 48 events attended
Paul Zohav 44 events attended
Sue Hawkins 39 events attended
John C Erdman 39 events attended
Randal DeHart, PMP, QPA 37 events attended
Ben Resnick 36 events attended
Bob Rash 36 events attended
Aleta Mekvold 36 events attended
Karin Quirk 34 events attended
Diane Kern 34 events attended

RSVP here if you are a Bizniker please:

We celebrate the end of one era and the beginning of the next.

(March 30 2010 – August 14 2012)

Have you come to a Writer’s Support Group as a Reticent Writer and EXPERIENCED a shift in how you feel about writing: for your business, your marketing, your self?

If you have come once or many times, please make this meeting!

Our venue is closing and we will be moving to a new venue in September. This meeting marks the last meeting at Friends, Philosophy and Tea. Please join us for a final Circle in this most glorious event space for a conversation about setting new writing goals for Fall and re-intending the role writing/blogging has for you and your business.

Can’t attend? Drop us a note if you want to be advised of the new location starting in September.

Blogging and creating fresh content for your site remains as important as ever. Community makes it easier to create an editorial calendar that means something to your visitors.

Do You Want to Get Your Marketing Writing Done with more Ease and Enthusiasm?

Business Development >>Marketing>>Writing>>Blogging>>Just Do It!

What does it take to start and maintain a blog that helps build your business as it does your confidence?

First, accessing your creativity and overcoming fear and resistance to writing for one’s self and one’s ventures, professional and personal.

Second, a focus and an agenda with business goals in mind.

Third, a community of peers is a great way to get honest feedback.

Fourth, let’s throw in a monthly challenge to keep you motivated and on point.

Do you need to know how and why to start a blog?

Are you wondering what to write about or who will care if you do blog?

Do you need a little support to stay motivated and inspired?

Are you in need of what has been named a “Creative Intervention”?

The secret ingredient to the success people experience at this event ongoing since March 2010: “candid discussion” and “community support.”

Accountability and Gentle Support for all things: technical and editorial and creative await you.

The Monthly Writing Challenge continues with new goals and we will be sharing weekly writing/blogging adventures!

All are welcome. All levels or even you are thinking about starting a blog!

We start at 1pm. PRE-EVENT Networking begins at 12:30 and BYOT (ea) or Starbucks as the Tea House is no longer serving…(sad…)


Gain insights on WordPress and other user-friendly self-publishing platforms, Creating Great Content, SEO Tips, Uncovering One’s True Writing Voice, and find a supportive community that makes you potentially excited to write more often!

Dialogue…this is never a lecture. The Magic is in the dialogue we have.

Experience something different every week they opt to come for the Agenda is to support those that show up in a way that is needed in the moment!


To remove the obstacles seen and unseen that keep you from enjoying writing.

To make great new connections who’ll support your writing visions.

To discover your authentic writing voice that it can reflect and support your business goals.

A Writing Challenge May Be Just The Ticket.

How does writing every day (or intending to), affect your sense of your creative self, your communication skills, your sense of motivation?

Simply Effective, Small Business Coach, Leona Rehm’s post on December 7th STILL causes a warm electric shiver in me from head to toe! It captured the foundational themes, issues and beliefs that so many reticent writers have.

It is also why the weekly Writers Circle exists: as a face to face meeting for those who can, as the Community Blog space to share and overcome these themes, as a proactive solution for the individual (who may also be a business owner) who wants to enjoy and embrace and excel at writing for themselves confidently!

My mentors include both well-known and not so well known people. Long before I knew of  Julia Cameron or Natalie Goldberg or Brenda Euland and many others I have discovered as an adult, my Writing Self was caused by a contemplative little girl that “had to write to work out concerns” who lived in me.

Then came my 9th grade English Teacher, John Calvin Dotson. He took an interest in me that has never waned. He is a masterful writer of many forms: essays, poems, plays, memoir, biographies of his mentors and more. He is a life time student of langauge itself and storytelling and painting pictures. Best of all he believed in me 100% and told me so, often. Through the years I had him for English, Creative Writing and Speech. After high school he and I stayed in touch and he continued to encourage me.

Who has supported, inspired and encouraged you? (…besides me…that is part of this community?)

The Contributors/Authors of this blog are exquisite in my eyes for a multitude of reasons. I watched and read as “fear and hesitation” left and “creativity and the spirit of spontaneity” entered. I watched writers emerge from cocoons. I heard that writing daily improved moods and Google rankings! I experienced people developing their tone and style and sharing not only who they are and what they did for a livelihood but who they authentically are.

The experiment was about developing the stamina and drive and genuine enthusiasm to write frequently as whole selves: 100 plus words at least five times weekly.

In November 240 posts were published.
WELL over 100,000 words collectively!
And the themes numbered 33 +.
And there was “dialogue” through comments as well as post ideas created from what was published.

In December 153 posts were published.
Again the way we write, 100K words easily.
We stretched ourselves to do a little more than we had the previous month.
We would talk about what was working for us and why.

We are now into January and the posts keep coming. And the writing…well, check it out for yourself.

Creativity CONTINUES to spark creativity. Activity CONTINUES to spark activity. Dialogue CONTINUES to spark deeper dialogue. We think we are on to something. And it is best of all:

Organic.Personal. Authentic. Fun. Playful. Pertinent. Honest. Timely. Golden. Heartfelt. Wisdom. Packaged in Storytelling.

Our (growing) community of writers as a whole stretches YET AGAIN and takes more risks as they feel encouraged and supported.

I keep asking each Tuesday in one form or another, “What exactly are you able to say is different for you now?”

As a writer, I invite you to PAUSE and take inventory about the writing you do:

WHAT specifically is happening for you?
WHAT specifically  is making the difference?
WHAT is your new story about how enjoyable or useful blogging can be?
WHAT lessons have you learned from others?

I look forward to reading each and every comment and response you “choose” to publish for it just may inspire others who find this space and place of a blog!

Write On!

Deborah Drake – Catalyst and Enthusiastic Facilitator
Authentic Writing Provokes 

P.S. Care to join us as we write in community, challenging ourselves? Join us. To RSVP visit or contact me directly if you are not yet a member of Biznik (an awesome community to be a part of) at or call me at 425-223-5335.

Cultivating your self-expression in authentic ways is my dharma. I never tire of catalyzing that part of you!


An Homage to School Commencing

English Robins on Summer say more please!

Summer is doubly officially over when children return to school. Are there other signs about that cause you to get sentimental as one season draws to a close and another takes center stage? For me it is the quality of the light and the crisp coolness in the air in the morning. It arrived this weekend!

My morning walk feels more golden. The light grows softer. And as I watch American Robins feast on worms in the dewy grass of early hours, I experience a wave of memories that pre-dates my own daughter’s current enthusiasm for a new school and the start of her Middle School years.

Can we ever forget choosing what to wear that first day of a new school year? Even if I had to wear a uniform of a crisp white button down shirt and Scottish Tartan with red or green sweater and matching socks (I’d have been happier had they let me mix and match red and green!) I always looked forward to putting on that fine wool skirt with the perfect pleats on the first day of the new year. I was clearly a kid who liked school and not having to figure out what to wear daily was a bonus in my mind. I DID get to choose red or green accessories…

I looked forward to getting back to English classes especially.  And given what I spend my days doing as a Writing Coach and Marketing Consultant who champions being a touch personal and ALWAYS our authentic self in communication, I offer a salute to the teachers and staff and the students who start new rhythms today.

We parents best appreciate the academic caregivers as much as we can. For their first task will be to get the Summer out of our children’s heads and that might take some doing for some. Here is hoping your summertime was golden and memorable in big and small ways.


Call me Trim Tab. And seek yours.

Are you clear on what a Trimtab is and how you can be one?

The engineer Buckminster Fuller is often cited for his use of trim tabs as a metaphor for leadership and personal empowerment. In the February 1972 issue of Playboy, Fuller said:

Something hit me very hard once, thinking about what one little man could do. Think of the Queen Mary—the whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder. And there’s a tiny thing at the edge of the rudder called a trim tab.It’s a miniature rudder. Just moving the little trim tab builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around. Takes almost no effort at all. So I said that the little individual can be a trim tab. Society thinks it’s going right by you, that it’s left you altogether. But if you’re doing dynamic things mentally, the fact is that you can just put your foot out like that and the whole big ship of state is going to go. So I said, call me Trim Tab.
—Buckminster Fuller
In our efforts to write as ourselves, make an impact on our readers and be effective in business, at the end of the day it is our opportunity to be that “trimtab.”
The first time I ever heard of this small, yet impactful part (be it for airplane or boat) was in 2003. I had met the author of a book on Buckminster Fuller, whose enthusiasm was so real and pure and ongoing (and continues to be.) He knew the philosophy and wisdom of Bucky Fuller like we know our ABCs.
Call me Trimtab.  Try it on for size for yourself if you dare. Imagine you and your writing as being a Trimtab for another.
How do you make yourself a Trimtab? Presuming you are willing, there are a myriad of ways through language and acts of service we can cause the “ripple”  in your readers, your clients, your peers, and those you have yet to meet!
Have you ever read (or overheard) something by someone you didn’t know personally that struck an important chord in you?
What about sharing your best self with intention, with the best hope of being that “little individual” who is at that moment “the trimtab” for the one you know or you don’t.
Apply every best practice you can enthusiastically embrace.
Be real. Be real. Be real.
And know that (or at least I feel) “heart-driven” writing manages to land so elegantly. How can it not?
I so feel like a broken record. And I am okay with it.
Write on…please and with a full heart. Please.