If I get to encourage yet one more person to EMBRACE writing as themselves for and discovering what it they REALLY want to be doing for:

their business,

their marketing efforts,

their children, family and legacy,

the causes they care most about.

I’ll be ecstatic and in my element.

I champion that we all have a voice that deserves authentic expression.  An avid writer since the age of nine (with boxes of journals to prove it) I believe assisting others to claim writing in a voice that honors them and their aspirations is both my natural and cultivated talent and my call to service.

This is my Dharma. And Dharma will not go Unexpressed.

We all have wisdom to impart. What is yours that deserves expression?

I AM at your service.

Deborah Drake – Catalyst & Wordsmith

One thought on “Authentic.Writing.Provokes.

  1. There are so many fears to overcome before going public. Technology confuses, rules of engagement baffle, and always the internal dialogue challenging the value of what I have to say. I appreciate your encouragement (courage from the french for from the heart) to show up and tell our stories. It’s good having you on our planet (and in my neck of the woods!)

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