Deborah Drake Said What?


So WHO exactly am I?

Curious. Courageous. Committed.

I AM Passionate about Writing, Marketing & Business Development
I AM Committed to Life Long Learning
I AM An Enthusiast of Authentic Communication
Curious. Courageous. Committed.
I AM In Love with the Written and Spoken word.
I AM here to champion great people, their ideas and the greater causes.

And Who and What else AM I?

Born in Monterey, California, I identify best of all with the deep Pacific Ocean, stones and trees.

UC Davis my alma mater, I question why I landlocked myself in, but it was a grand academic experience and I spent a magical seven years a full-time resident of Davis.

English and Creative Writing “became” my major. As much as I wanted to pursue International Relations and become “a diplomat and translator” and world traveler, in the end I became so by another route. I took a long way round to what I was “meant” to do all along. Have you as well?

I am at heart a writer and ¬†will be a lifelong student of effective communication. People’s stories fascinate me. And we all have one, don’t we?

Our stories told with authenticity impact other people in ways we cannot imagine. We must first be willing to tell the story.

I “landed” in publishing in 1989. I “migrated” to Advertising in 1995 working at both smaller and larger agencies, including McCann-Erickson San Francisco and Bozell Seattle. I “evolved” further as I joined the Washington CEO Magazine in 2000.

Then came the leap of faith in late 2002. I experienced the joy of promoting and advocating for professional development of the Transformative kind. 2002 I was (happily) marketing and supporting those who teach, train and coach. And in that space and time I became Coach and Facilitator and Teacher myself working more and more for myself and less for others. I stay in the game of teaching and facilitating groups to keep my self sharp and current. I also individually work with clients. And I love what I do be it for a group or an indvidual client.

All my experientially earned wisdom about the communication arts, journalism, publishing, advertising, marketing, PR and event production and most importantly the Art of Enrollment serves me well.

It all boils down to listening deeply, and without an attachment to what I may want.

I AM a multi-faceted matchmaker, hoping to act as a catalyst, draw out your voice and contribute to your goals and leave you confident and excited to do what you can for yourself.

These days we can do so much more for ourselves: self-publishing via blogs, ebooks, social networks and their forums, video, audio, and any combination of multi-media you may choose to combine.

Have you the skills to help yourself?
Have you the confidence?
Have the enthusiasm to do so?

I dedicate my professional days and nights to bringing out the best communicator~writer~speaker and marketeer that my clients can be as themselves AND when support is needed, they know where and how to get what they need.

For more details on the Writing and Marketing and Business coaching and consulting and how I may be of service, please reach out and get in touch with me.

A complimentary consult awaits you if you ask for it.

Yours in service.

Deborah Drake – Catalyst

5 thoughts on “Deborah Drake Said What?

  1. You are amazing!

    You have inspired me deep down within and have ignited an internal flame to my dusty bunsen burner, which has now started bubbling the cold contents of my heart’s cauldron, releasing creativity,passion and ambition for my beauitful life, which lies ahead.
    I am powerful and have strength, wisdom and magic in me to reach out and start making a difference out there. I look forward to having you by my side throughout my journey.
    Our Journey!
    And whoever else we attract along the way….. :-)

    Rainbows of Love and Light
    Simone Steyn- South Africa
    11 November 2010 AD

  2. Simone,

    You are all that you declare yourself to be. And in writing it down and in public forums, LIKE HERE, imagine what you invite in. Looking forward to helping you launch you. Being and doing this work is my life’s work.

    Blessings Be.

  3. I was intrigued by your personal bio “Who AmI” I am a retired professor emeritus having spent a long career in Education.I never expected to work overseas, but my background in curriculum development lead to long term contracts with USAID projects (in education) in Kenya, the Kingdom of Nepal, the Yemen Arab Republic, the Baluchestan Province of western Pakistan and a short tour in Indonesia. Friends convinced me to wirte it up…what on earth was it like to live in these remore, undeveloped regions where you woorked? I did spend almost 2 years trying to solicite an agent to represent my manuscript, without success. Now I am lookiung at self publishing. But I don’t know anything about “marketing”. I’m a good story teller, and have past experience with acting, having earned my SAG card and an Equity card for theatre. I believe my story has the same potential audiences as Eat, Pray, Love…and 3 Cups of Tea. It’s not a coffee table book or one for the family relatives. Can you possibly help me?

    Jim Hughes
    P.S.I’ve written many children’s trade books for Childrens Press and co-authored a social studies textbook series for grades 4, 5 ,6, 7,/8 for Allyn & Bacon when they were still an independent company.

    • Jim.

      I hope to hear from you soon! What a wealth of experience you have. Consider that there may be GOOD reasons you are now getting the urge and sense to consider self-publishing.

      I look forward to talking to you about how I might assist you realize some new ideas into a pruposeful livelihood and sharing of you and your experiences. For people of all ages!

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