25 Things You Now Know About Deborah Drake, by Deborah Drake

25 Things You Now Know About Deborah Drake, by Deborah Drake.

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About Deborah Drake

Deborah Drake is the founder of Authentic Writing Provokes, a full-time wordsmith, a publishing specialist, and an avid competitive storyteller. She champions the power of storytelling, good grammar, and on occasion--breaking the rules in the name of innovation. She has helped over a hundred clients develop, write, edit, and self-publish their website content, blogs, and books---Above all, she is an advocate for authentic writing, heart-based marketing, and bold self-promotion--that authentically reflects essence, vision, and mission. “What we can relate to personally, we can understand better, sooner, and more quickly. Authentic self-expression ALWAYS provokes." **Co-author of two non-fiction/self-help books, Burn Your Resume. You Need a Professional Profile and Message in a Bottle.** Deborah appreciates the stunning Pacific Northwest for its greenness even though she misses the salt air and sandy beaches of her native Monterey Peninsula--happily lives in Bellevue with her family, where she starts most days with an early morning walk to fuel her focus and creativity.

2 thoughts on “25 Things You Now Know About Deborah Drake, by Deborah Drake

  1. Great writing Deborah! Hats off to you on creating an opening for others to really see you in ways which invite participation. Taking it on as an assignment for my own writing really stirs the soup and I am glad to engage. You are a generous and authentic lady. Cheers.

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