A VERY Special Writers Support Group for the Reticent Blogger (aka Writer)

Apparently, according to Biznik over 1000 attended events in  2011~


Interesting that the top attendees of events are names we know and love…who now blog well and learned from the best…Each Other!

Douglas Snider 96 events attended
Mark Behringer 61 events attended
Darylene Dennon 57 events attended
Susan Straub-Martin 50 events attended
Don Burrows 49 events attended
David Berkey 48 events attended
Paul Zohav 44 events attended
Sue Hawkins 39 events attended
John C Erdman 39 events attended
Randal DeHart, PMP, QPA 37 events attended
Ben Resnick 36 events attended
Bob Rash 36 events attended
Aleta Mekvold 36 events attended
Karin Quirk 34 events attended
Diane Kern 34 events attended

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We celebrate the end of one era and the beginning of the next.

(March 30 2010 – August 14 2012)

Have you come to a Writer’s Support Group as a Reticent Writer and EXPERIENCED a shift in how you feel about writing: for your business, your marketing, your self?

If you have come once or many times, please make this meeting!

Our venue is closing and we will be moving to a new venue in September. This meeting marks the last meeting at Friends, Philosophy and Tea. Please join us for a final Circle in this most glorious event space for a conversation about setting new writing goals for Fall and re-intending the role writing/blogging has for you and your business.

Can’t attend? Drop us a note if you want to be advised of the new location starting in September.

Blogging and creating fresh content for your site remains as important as ever. Community makes it easier to create an editorial calendar that means something to your visitors.

Do You Want to Get Your Marketing Writing Done with more Ease and Enthusiasm?

Business Development >>Marketing>>Writing>>Blogging>>Just Do It!

What does it take to start and maintain a blog that helps build your business as it does your confidence?

First, accessing your creativity and overcoming fear and resistance to writing for one’s self and one’s ventures, professional and personal.

Second, a focus and an agenda with business goals in mind.

Third, a community of peers is a great way to get honest feedback.

Fourth, let’s throw in a monthly challenge to keep you motivated and on point.

Do you need to know how and why to start a blog?

Are you wondering what to write about or who will care if you do blog?

Do you need a little support to stay motivated and inspired?

Are you in need of what has been named a “Creative Intervention”?

The secret ingredient to the success people experience at this event ongoing since March 2010: “candid discussion” and “community support.”

Accountability and Gentle Support for all things: technical and editorial and creative await you.

The Monthly Writing Challenge continues with new goals and we will be sharing weekly writing/blogging adventures!

All are welcome. All levels or even you are thinking about starting a blog!

We start at 1pm. PRE-EVENT Networking begins at 12:30 and BYOT (ea) or Starbucks as the Tea House is no longer serving…(sad…)


Gain insights on WordPress and other user-friendly self-publishing platforms, Creating Great Content, SEO Tips, Uncovering One’s True Writing Voice, and find a supportive community that makes you potentially excited to write more often!

Dialogue…this is never a lecture. The Magic is in the dialogue we have.

Experience something different every week they opt to come for the Agenda is to support those that show up in a way that is needed in the moment!


To remove the obstacles seen and unseen that keep you from enjoying writing.

To make great new connections who’ll support your writing visions.

To discover your authentic writing voice that it can reflect and support your business goals.