It’s about finding TRUE enthusiasm. First yours. Then theirs.


Are you FABULOUS at what you DO and CARE about but hesitant to boldly express and market yourself? Are you embracing Social Media? Blogging?

Would support and assistance help you follow through on your best ideas?


Writing Coaching (Interested in enjoying writing for yourself?)…
Writing Services (Developmental Editing, Ghost Writing, Copyediting)…
Practical Marketing Coaching (Let’s determine what works for you!)…
Extremely Productive Brainstorming (will surprise you)…
Market Research (My favorite hobby!)…
Social Media Marketing Strategy…(It’s always about being relational)

Authentic Work represented by Authentic Writing and Self-Expression is Magnetic.

To schedule a complimentary consultation to determine what would serve you best in the next three months, contact me. It all starts with saying yes to an exploratory conversation.

To your thriving and success as defined by you.

Take a class. Hire a coach. Or both.

Your Authentic Voice for Self-Expression will thank you for it.

Deborah Drake ~ Writer, Catalyst, Champion

I’m Tired of Waiting: A Tale of Self-Publishing and Personal Growth

Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of being a published author.

The year I was nine, a poem of mine was published in the Pacific Grove’s very own Poetry Shell AND I got to have lunch with the editor, Lois who happened to be a PG resident like my great-grandmother. I interviewed her over a milkshake. It was a sunny day in Pacific Grove, which was notoriously foggy more than any other weather. To me, Lois was an inspiration. She told me to never stop writing.

She was the first of many teachers/mentors to encourage me.

So much has changed since “then.” We all know what I am talking about.

There are infinite platforms to “Just Do It.”

Nothing stops one from publishing themselves, but themselves.

I embrace blogging as I do because it offers so much immediate gratification. Perhaps it is because I have written in journals so many years and learned to type fast enough to keep pace with most of my thoughts, that it is easier for me than some BUT…

If you will get out of your own way, and develop a writing practice and get support and mentoring from an enthusiastic “posse” of one or more, you too can gain a new level of comfort with writing for your well-being or your business.

It doesn’t matter if you think your story of what you learned about (fill in the blank) has been told a hundred times by “better” writers.

Your story is unique to you. Your voice is unique to you. Just get yourself started.

And seeing yourself as an important voice that deserves to be fully self-expressed is what my work in this world is all about.

As your Self and with a Sense of Self.

For business, for spirit, for entertainment, for whatever you decide.

A VERY Special Writers Support Group for the Reticent Blogger (aka Writer)

Apparently, according to Biznik over 1000 attended events in  2011~

Interesting that the top attendees of events are names we know and love…who now blog well and learned from the best…Each Other!

Douglas Snider 96 events attended
Mark Behringer 61 events attended
Darylene Dennon 57 events attended
Susan Straub-Martin 50 events attended
Don Burrows 49 events attended
David Berkey 48 events attended
Paul Zohav 44 events attended
Sue Hawkins 39 events attended
John C Erdman 39 events attended
Randal DeHart, PMP, QPA 37 events attended
Ben Resnick 36 events attended
Bob Rash 36 events attended
Aleta Mekvold 36 events attended
Karin Quirk 34 events attended
Diane Kern 34 events attended

RSVP here if you are a Bizniker please:

We celebrate the end of one era and the beginning of the next.

(March 30 2010 – August 14 2012)

Have you come to a Writer’s Support Group as a Reticent Writer and EXPERIENCED a shift in how you feel about writing: for your business, your marketing, your self?

If you have come once or many times, please make this meeting!

Our venue is closing and we will be moving to a new venue in September. This meeting marks the last meeting at Friends, Philosophy and Tea. Please join us for a final Circle in this most glorious event space for a conversation about setting new writing goals for Fall and re-intending the role writing/blogging has for you and your business.

Can’t attend? Drop us a note if you want to be advised of the new location starting in September.

Blogging and creating fresh content for your site remains as important as ever. Community makes it easier to create an editorial calendar that means something to your visitors.

Do You Want to Get Your Marketing Writing Done with more Ease and Enthusiasm?

Business Development >>Marketing>>Writing>>Blogging>>Just Do It!

What does it take to start and maintain a blog that helps build your business as it does your confidence?

First, accessing your creativity and overcoming fear and resistance to writing for one’s self and one’s ventures, professional and personal.

Second, a focus and an agenda with business goals in mind.

Third, a community of peers is a great way to get honest feedback.

Fourth, let’s throw in a monthly challenge to keep you motivated and on point.

Do you need to know how and why to start a blog?

Are you wondering what to write about or who will care if you do blog?

Do you need a little support to stay motivated and inspired?

Are you in need of what has been named a “Creative Intervention”?

The secret ingredient to the success people experience at this event ongoing since March 2010: “candid discussion” and “community support.”

Accountability and Gentle Support for all things: technical and editorial and creative await you.

The Monthly Writing Challenge continues with new goals and we will be sharing weekly writing/blogging adventures!

All are welcome. All levels or even you are thinking about starting a blog!

We start at 1pm. PRE-EVENT Networking begins at 12:30 and BYOT (ea) or Starbucks as the Tea House is no longer serving…(sad…)


Gain insights on WordPress and other user-friendly self-publishing platforms, Creating Great Content, SEO Tips, Uncovering One’s True Writing Voice, and find a supportive community that makes you potentially excited to write more often!

Dialogue…this is never a lecture. The Magic is in the dialogue we have.

Experience something different every week they opt to come for the Agenda is to support those that show up in a way that is needed in the moment!


To remove the obstacles seen and unseen that keep you from enjoying writing.

To make great new connections who’ll support your writing visions.

To discover your authentic writing voice that it can reflect and support your business goals.

Social Media & Spelling Don’t Always Play Well

“OMG the girls night out thing was so funnn!!!!!!!!!!!  it tuns out kati made a mistake you actuall were supposed to SLEEPOVER at my house so when I got back mady was rlly sad and now i am too! so yeah that sucks :( (said the 12 year old on Facebook)”

Okay, I have a couple of issues here. I “gotta” speak up and that “slang” was INTENTIONAL.

12 years old and a Facebook Profile already? Yes, I know her mother monitors all her stuff, but I still feel it is rather premature to allow for monitoring by others as well (for marketing purposes…etc.)

Spelling. Grammar. OMG! Is this what writing is regressing to? Are we heading back to a new version of Olde English or are we revisiting phonetics? I know that the misspelling needn’t have happened, and the haste to publish that status update pushed the idea of proofreading right out of the way. Modern technology I love/hate you. Being a Saturn/Uranus kind of person, I would.

Okay, going to stop now because I get to parent my 12 year old as I deem “best” for the time being.

And so she doesn’t get a Facebook page this year. And I will keep encouraging that she consider spelling well important.

And that is what I gots to say about that.

Co-Authors of Burn Your Resume. You Need a Professional Profile! presenting events June-August

As the co-author of Burn Your Resume, I am pleased to announce a series of events in Seattle and on the Eastside, beginning this June. Authentically and effectively speaking of yourself and writing about yourself (for that matter) gets easier when you understand who you are and what you have to offer: clients, peers, employers…and so it makes sense that as a professional we REALLY UNDERSTAND our Professional Story and can tell it well on paper, online and in-person.  Attend or Recommend any and all of the upcoming events. To your continued and future successes!

~Deborah Drake, Enthusiastic Catalyst

What exactly is a Professional Profile ™? And why does a new college grad, a job seeker in transition, an independent consultant, an entrepreneur or a small business owner need one?

A Professional Profile™ is much more than a chronological or functional résumé. It VIVIDLY showcases your Accomplishments, your Special Skills, and what you bring to the World of Work.

Work experience and employment history aside, who are you professionally, really? How confidently do you present yourself to future employers and clients as the IDEAL candidate?

Want to shine each and every time? We implore you to STOP the insanity. Get thee a Professional Profile ™!

Join us at an upcoming event and pick up your copy of the book at the event or order from Amazon.



Co-sponsored by the Puget Sound Business Journal

June 14th


ThinkSpace in Redmond

Investment: $15 (pre-register)


Monday Evenings: July 9th through August 6th

Co-sponsored by Soul Food Books in Redmond

A 5-week series on Monday evenings

6-8pm (arrive by 5:30pm to order coffee and network with others)

Investment: Pay What You Will

Over the course of five Mondays, in community, drop ins welcome at any point, we will create Professional Profiles and Practice Interview Skills. Who is this Series For? The Business Owner who wants new business, the Freelance Consultant, the Job Seeker.

Attn Career and Business Coaches: interested in learning how to use this tool with clients? Join us!


Microsoft Store @ University Village in Seattle

July 19th and August 2nd


Investment: Complimentary


What Does it Take to Find Great Work in a Challenging Economy?

The Era of the Resume is Over! Does Your Online Profile Do It’s Job?

Want to secure the Ideal Job or Launch a Career Right or win the Next Big Assignment?

Attend this interactive and experiential workshop to learn how to:

  • Learn how to always be an Ideal Candidate
  • Identify your best and most marketable skills
  • Create a “Positively Disruptive” Professional Profile (aka Functional Resume)

Does Your Resume Read Like a Table of Contents or does it tell a Tale of Accomplishments and Competency?

Job Seekers and Entrepreneurs alike MUST be able to show and tell their Professional Story both online and off.

Join Don Burrows, Job Search Specialist and Deborah Drake, Communication Specialist, co-authors of Burn Your Résumé. You Need a Professional Profile™ — Winning the Inner and Outer Game of Finding Work or New Customers for an interactive and experiential workshop designed to shift your mindset on what makes for an interview- winning professional profile that evolves with you. For more about Don and Deb visit

Who is this Workshop for?
Job Seekers, Seekers of Promotions, Independent and Freelancers wanting to attract ideal, new business.

YOU if you believe in these Job Search Myths

Myth #1
No one will read a four plus page resume.

Myth #2
You can’t shift industries without starting over.

Myth #3
It’s too competitive to do what I really want to do.

When Blogging Becomes a Chore

Have you ever outsourced or considered outsourcing a design or website development project to save money or time or both? Any number of portals offer us Design and WordPress Development services  that are supposed to make it easy and affordable for us less tech-savvy DIYers–but do they really when we take all into accounts?

Even Premium WordPress Themes “appear easy enough to work”  with  (or so the marketing says). BUT for some non-tech types the learning curve is steeper. Our initial investment (thinking we can do it all for ourselves) is a penny saved but pound foolish.

Trouble is we figure that out after the fact and we may opt to keep trying and throw a little more money at it.

After investing a mere $87 in a  Premium  Wordpress Theme, for the sake of launching an online business, one person I know of found it was not as easy as suggested to set up their initial site and there was no support! So a freelancer was engaged for a song and $300 was paid up front with the expectation that the website desired would now be built for them using the Theme. But no, the freelance programmer tried through email to train the client on how to do it for themselves. Even this might have been acceptable, if the site could have been created and populated with content.

Last I am aware it still doesn’t exist. So what is this person into for at this point?

$387 in cash and countless hours in email exchanges that got her no closer to what was wanted.

Efforts to communicate strictly via email with the outsourced programmer in a different time zone 12 hours away were never successful. Weeks passing and still not having the desired end product: a WordPress site that could be monetized and improved upon functionally.

Ask yourself as the business owner you are or are planning to become when is it wise to hire a professional you can work with closely and whose on the same page as you?

What is your time worth and billed at? Why are you spending money  trying to do something for yourself that is not where you earn the most bang for your buck?

We call that working in your business when we should be working on our business.  Too many a budding business owner tries to be chief cook and bottle washer, virtual assistant and bookkeeper, depleting their creative juices and energy for business development and stellar client services. Why? To have a sense of control? To save money in start up costs?

Again, what is your “sweet spot” for earning and why would you overwhelm yourself with a task that is not your strength? I know I am a strong writer and editor and creator of bog content. I am in my element doing this for others. I love doing this for my clients. I do it effortlessly and could do it for long hours and find creating blog content for a site energizing.

I have come to realize VERY quickly, that while I could be a WordPress officionado, I am not efficient beyond basic operations. And, quite frankly, if I wanted a more complex site with widgets and sliders and custom elements, I am hiring a local and reliable professional. I’ll do so for the sake of working with someone who can understand my language of my vision and my ideas. Clarity of communication saves time and money. It also assures we get what we wanted.

More power to the tech-savvy and creative sorts who can take a pre-packaged theme and make the most of it on their own but for the rest of us who will spin our wheels and grow frustrated with every plugin we attempt to discern and activate (as we hope we don’t break our site–which I have done!) I saY:

Go local. Stay local. Exhaust your local resources before you try what may be a too good to be true scenario.

Ever heard the adage, you get what you pay for?

(Reprinted after being originally published June 20121 on

When Blogging Becomes a Chore

What comes to mind for you when you see the words?

Chores. The very word conjures up memories of Saturday mornings spent dusting, vacuuming, doing laundry, weeding and many other unpleasant tasks BEFORE I could play with friends and have fun.

Blogging. The other name for writing short pieces or longer articles that are timely, relevant, contribute to marketing efforts, and has the POTENTIAL to attract more ideal business inquiries.

SEO. Search Engine Optimization or as a gifted translator of a person I know put it to a newbie in the Weekly Writers Support Circle on Tuesday, “How your site and its content get found by people.”

Are you among the many who jumped on the WordPress/Blogging Bandwagon? Did you start excited, promise yourself you’d blog weekly or more and lose steam over time? Are you growing self-conscious that your last post was from February of 2012 or worse, in 2011? (Please read on and be gentle with yourself.)

Are you of the belief you must write according to a proven “form” or “system” or “with such intense regularity”?

How long was it before you lost your zest for writing a pithy bi- or tri-weekly post because you:

  • Ran out of “great ideas”?
  • Tired of how long it took to write a post worth publishing?
  • Got discouraged when no one commented (presuming commenting was turned on)?
  • Simply were forcing yourself to write in the first place?

Writing a blog is a wise activity when you naturally enjoy writing or can learn to love writing about your business, your process, your experiences, as yourself in a voice and tone that reflects you. It serves to let your site visitors (and potential clients) meet you even before they call or reach out via email. And who doesn’t want a warm inquiry as a business be you solo, small, medium or large in scope?

The new and exciting opportunity that blogging platforms offered was a “boon” (a gift) to those who were already prolific writers. And where once upon a time it was more difficult to get regular writing out in the world, if you weren’t also technically proficient with Website Software Programs that were Content Management Systems as well, the current era offers many CMS options.  Options that are very plug and play too.

It is Do It Yourself heaven. My first blog (that still exists) was a Blogger blog I started for myself alone in 2005. I chose a design of the 23 offered and started posting personal pieces. I actually still love that blog and its design and always mean to post to it more than I do these days. (Note to self: start next week!)

Then I met “WordPress.” It was love at first site.

Oh, WordPress! How much more I can do for myself than before and from anywhere and anytime and with relative ease. I am part of the choir that will forever love writing. I appreciate technology that lets me help myself and helps me get found that much easier. WordPress does that easily and while the Dashboard may be intimidating at first, once understood, it is LIBERATING to compose on the fly and in the cloud.

What do I say to clients who feel like they are running out of gas where writing “intelligently” and “consistently” gets in the way of writing “with creativity and enthusiasm?”

Stop trying so hard and give yourself permission to take a break.

Try crafting an editorial outline that reflects your new business goals (a professional bucket list)

Write some stories about your life and business lessons and then decide do you want to publish them or no?

Take some time to determine your ideal client and profile that person in rich detail and imagine that you are blogging to them.

If all else fails, take yourself or your dog for a walk! Get outside and get some fresh air at the very least.

Once when I was really stuck and in an unhealthy thought loop while I was on a writing deadline, I called a friend who was a professional coach for support. What did she advise me to do?

“Go outside for a walk for a minimum of 15 minutes and look for all the white and purple flowers.”

“Why?” I asked in complete confusion.

“Just do as I say please. Will you? And call me when you get back.”

So I did. And guess what happened!!! I took the walk. I saw some white and purple flowers and noticed other garden beauties too. I got home and called my friend. She asked me if I was ready to get back to it. And in truth, I was.

My Creative Block was GONE! And writing came with more ease and I liked the results.

If you aren’t a naturally obsessive writer like some of us, but see the value of blogging for business (or pure self-expression) know that becoming committed to it and enthusiastic about writing can be learned–provided you are willing. And use some tools to support you such as:

A community of like-minded people (I can recommend a great writing support group and facilitator!)

A calendar with dates you keep with yourself to write for writing sake (and take the best ideas farther!)

Practice. Practice. Practice. (You needn’t publish what you don’t want)

Read. Read. Read. (At least an hour a week the blogs of others you admire and consider…)

Commenting in a constructive and pay it forward style. (This has been known to inspire people to reciprocate!)

Use “the canvas” that inspires ease: maybe you compose emails well or write differently directly in the WordPress Post Window? Who said you have to write in a Word Doc first? (Do though save your piece to your hard drive and not just on the cloud)

Set the scene. Establish the environment. Dress the part. One client of mind laughed they might start wearing dress clothes to write for their business blog, even though they worked at home.

Try anything once to see if it frees your writing voice and stick with what works for you.

Writing and Reading and Interacting with other Writers is bound to affect your opinion of writing for business and pleasure, as well as develop a skill and an artistry in you and your own writing. Over time your skill and confidence will shift so notice and celebrate the breakthroughs.

Think of it as the equivalent of teaching yourself how to walk (fall down and get up again) or tie your shoes (bunny ears worked eventually) or learning how to print then write “cursive.”

Many talents aren’t second nature but that doesn’t mean we can’t make them so. WordPress makes blogging possible on your schedule be it planned out or in the moment.

So let’s reframe what we started with:

Chores. Serve to keep our creative energy and productivity flowing well and mastered can save us time and set us free to play that much sooner.

Blogging. It is at its most basic an opportunity to express yourself: casually, candidly, professionally, playfully, and virtually from wherever you may be wanting to capture a relevant moment.

SEO. Think of it like being on a scavenger hunt or geo-caching with a GPS device that makes it easier to find the prize. The prize being a happy client and a happy service provider or product “sold.” What are the magic words that used well get you found faster?

So knowing you have the platform, the best of motives, and the means, how about saying yes to the writer within?





Why I “really, really, really” love ~ admire ~ respect Paulo Coelho

There are three big reasons I “really, really, really” love this man Paulo Coelho, (who has 8.1 Mil FB fans for good reasons–and what about all the fans who don’t do FB).

Please take a moment to scan his bio…it is quite inspiring to me. Every time I read it.

One could say these things about him ( I do!):

1. He was a late bloomer who had some early rough patches in determining WHO he was and wanted to be.

2. He gives back, so much.

3. He does what he loves and it shows.

Are you?

I invite you to consider making whatever change it takes to be “being” your best self!

What is required to make it happen for you?

Do you have the right support to see it through the patches of resistance?

I believe as Deepak Chopra does (by definition in his book Creating Affluence (a longtime favorite of mine) that D is for Dharma and Dharma never feels like work.

One late bloomer to another, may you in divine time, fulfill your Dharma in this lifetime.

(To be doing what I do for a livelihood is quite simply a dream realized that I have imagined since 9 years old.)

Write Drunk & Edit Sober

So advised Hemingway.

So shared Linda Zeppa with me as we parted ways after her Sunday workshop on Developing the Intuitive You.

It was an apropos comment for in some way I did feel quite intoxicated.

On Tuesdays our rag tag collection of enterpreneurs and writers gathers to talk about what we would like to write about or what we are writing or what we would love to see feedback (aka comments) on.

And while I have considered making “writing” part of what we do, I have never done much about it because talking about writing and writing itself are two different animals for me.

Much like writing and editing are related–but not the same.

Today I was simply a willing participant following the guidance of a gifted facilitator. Simple prompts turned into writing that sparked thoughts of revisiting and going deeper down the writing rabbit hole.

I surrendered. I surrendered to being fully present and wrote from the heart space as the beginner I am always. If ever I get so uppity that I act like I know what I am doing, please somebody smack me with a velvet covered two by four (smile).

I shared writing time and space with a small group and Linda. There was perfection in the group that showed up on a Sunday afternoon for two hours of conversation, guided visualization and writing prompts.

My writing compatriots all questioned their ability to write like a writer, seeing themselves not as artists or writers but as less than, BUT they were not. They were wonderful and I hope my encouragement after Linda’s was received and stays with them.

I gently harass the regulars aka “the usual suspects” who come on Tuesdays to just start and write what is wanting to be written…You know who you are…You who doubt your natural abilities to self-express and question if what you say matters.

It matters. Your perception of your experience shared may help another make sense of something in their life. You understand things I don’t. You understand them better than I when it is your business and not mine.

If you dared to share, you could open a door of understanding for me.

If you dared to share your story, your perception, your “aha” moments and visceral experiences.

It matters and I get that it starts with getting over the fears and doubts you may have.

The gremlins that threaten creative self-expression must be dealt with I say.

And lest you think this “rant” applies only to personal writing, let me say this: your business writing acumen is grounded in how comfortably and agile you write. Period.

And that is where a writing cheerleader be it an individual or community comes in.

Developing the ability to “write drunk” and “edit sober” isn’t as easy as it reads. Mastering the ability to do so though could open up rich creative veins good for your soul and your business communications.

Support awaits those who seek it out. Write on!

Message in a Bottle: Keeping the Conversation with Teens Candid

“At the time of this writing, we are experiencing a thirty-year high in teen alcohol and other drug use. Admissions to drug treatment centers have been escalating for years with young adult admissions at scary levels.” (~from the Introduction)

In the name of the well-being of our present youth and future generations, as a mom and contributing author, my prayer and intention is that Message in a Bottle, sparks many, many, many dialogues between parents and kids and those who mentor growing children in anyway.

Questions from Parents About Teen Alcohol and Drug Use To Spark Candor and Cause Wise Choices.

It is not my tendency or policy to use this space as my soapbox, but I am reminded by a close friend that I started this page, to make a difference in the lives of the readers of it.

The writing of this book was an extraordinary process. Jeff Wolfsberg has spent the last 15+ years and his entire professional and adult life championing better dialogue about this important theme. Why? It originates from his own experience of growing up and choices made and illusions shattered and restoring himself..

Oh, that more would transcend the traumas small and large, but traumatic just the same, that come with being born and growing up in a world that isn’t always safe or comforting. To stay engaged and to make it through in one piece is quite the adventure.

My co-author would have us all trust our instincts as we raise our children and not defer to “experts” who suggest scripted answers but offer no accountability after the motivational speech is over. It’s a daily conversation we have for years.

All children are my children on one level. Some children seem more susceptible than others. Consider all kids in our lives and what we could be and say and do for them .

To be ally and collaborator with a generous heart committed to sharing his own teen experience and journey is an honor. Do you learn from your experiences and candidly pass the learning along to the younger ones in your life? This book is intended to assist stuck adults get unstuck and be at ease with telling what is so; that kids choose better for themselves with awareness.

This is a practical book, easy to read and integrate quickly. The format is simple: All the most asked questions of parents and adults presented to and responses that are more than sound-bites.

Real questions from real people and responses from an educator that are candid and intelligent. Be advised: A read of this book may cause you to change your attitudes about what is a better practice with young people. Writing it did cause a shift in my thinking.

Where once I thought one way, now I think differently. I am a better role model for my daughter. And it is more work to be a better role model, but worth it.

This is a practical book, easy to read and integrate quickly. And it may cause you to change your attitudes about what is a better practice with young people. May it works some magic on you.

My own daughter is now 12 and most days gracefully navigating 6th grade. She came to me in 5th grade with this heartfelt concern: She was given the impression by a fellow fifth grader with an older sibling at her future Middle School; that she would be approached in 6th grade, and (even openly) during recess to try drugs.

I said, “This can’t possibly be true, but were it to happen, what would you do?”

She replied, “I’d say no.”

I asked then, “But would you also go and tell a teacher?”

She replied, “Yes, then I would do that.”

I told her two things that day: that she already had a good sense of what to do, and to please always share such experiences with a teacher/adult–as quickly as possible.

They are so young days to be concerned with this at all! We are a funny race…sometimes…and the early loss of innocence strikes me as bittersweet. She can handle it  and I am the one with the tears later when I am alone.

So pardon my gentle rant and sharing, but I am pleased to be associated with a writing and a mission that is about causing transformative conversations on a difficult theme–we all must deal with. I know this book offers ideas and perspectives that could restore an anxious parent’s strength for their child’s benefit.

I am a steward of the young soul that came through me in 2000. She is a grounding force of goodness and my number one priority is to see that she grows to be the healthy and happy woman who creates beauty and community and takes care of the planet she was born on. The way I see it, I am blessed she chose me to be her mom.

As of today, available through:

My humble request, please suggest the book to some one (or three for three is a magic number!) you care about with children or who works with children. The prevalence of alcohol and drugs in the world is unnerving. Candid conversations are important to have earlier all the time, generously so and as many times as is needed.

I AM Steward to a Beautiful Soul who cares about the World we live in and has since she was seven–when she declared her love of history and tracking if the next president would be a Woman or an African-American for the first time. She is clearly “aware” in ways I was not at that age.

As her “mum” it is my most important role to see that she is fully up to the task she is here to take on. As this book’s co-author, I am a woman on a heart-felt mission. Enjoy the read and recommend as often as it makes sense.

Mom and her Muse from Halloween 2006

P.S. And that is as personal as I will get and I thank you for reading this far